Monday, October 15, 2012

A Lesson Learnt

I mentioned a couple of times that our pre school holidays were a little less than exceptional.

Week one was relaxing - the kids and I played around the house, watched more iview than usual and of course played 'fire men' until the cows came home. We were content to slow down, unwind and re energise.

It would appear, however, that it takes a three year old much less time to recuperate than it does his almost thirty mother.

I could have wasted another week lulling about the house casually sipping cups of tea and day dreaming. Zeph, on the other hand, could not.

Week two was chaos. I was unprepared for his boundless energy and the squabbles that broke out almost constantly between he and Pippi.

They were bored and sick of each other.

I was bored and sick of them.

Next time, i'll have a strategy.

We'll have a preschool day at home (once or twice a week) where we focus on imaginative play, craft, puzzles and burning energy.

I won't check my emails, my facebook, instagram or my hair.

I'll be the preschool teacher.

Awesome. Bam.

Next holidays are going to be a dream, right? I mean, there's only six weeks in a row.

Tell me, what do you do to ward of the school holiday blues (please don't tell me they don't exist at your house)?

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  1. My problem is that Daddy R is a teacher and I always go into holidays thinking that because he is around I will get a break. Nope. Somehow it never works out that way. Don't get me wrong, I love the family time...but next holidays I will get a break!

    1. I grew up in a home with two teachers as parents! I remember having them both around ALL holidays. It was so lovely.

      Hope you get that rest m'lady!

      xo em

  2. beach kinder & bush kinder? i AM a preschool teacher, and holidays always end up messy. so essentially, i got nothin. but hey, only nine weeks to go ;)sarah

  3. I feel your pain. I've got 4 weeks over Christmas with no child care. 4 weeks of having to entertain a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Its not going to be pretty.

  4. I know what you mean! By the second week Riley was begging me to go back to 'school'! We did a few more extra crafty type activities then we would normally do and organised a few extra playdates, seemed to do the trick... xx

  5. ha! I did a post with a very similar post title! six weeks...yes, thats a little scary. with one and school and another at home mostly, my two children do forget what its like to be around each other all day everyday, so i'm hoping my approach will be to separate them whenever all i need to do is clone myself and i'll be right!

  6. Oh man, you totally just reminded me that there are six weeks of summer holidays...
    Ronnie xo
    (I think "stop making each other cry" became my mantra over the holidays!)

  7. I seem to get it together to organise holidays in our holidays, I convince Mr that we need to get away for at least the long weekend (ie Easter, and the just past October one). With that in the middle the rest doesn't seem too hard. Plus we catch up with old friends and that kind of thing. In July we did a big trip OS - with half the family in England we seem to do that often. Yes, and craft seems to happen that my Miss 5 organises for herself and Master 3 attempts to do too.

  8. They definitely exist and now my kids are 12 & 10. Summer recently ended here in America and by the end, I was throwing my hands up in the air...didn't know what to do with them anymore. School is so good. It gives them some structure and work for a little while.

    There are lots of great art projects for small kids on Pinterest. Maybe some of those would be fun.

    Your children are adorable. I love their photos and your bedroom is so cute too. Best wishes for your holiday.


  9. Oh man I plan to homeschool so I may be in a world of hurt ;)

    - Sarah

  10. Wow you pillows look amazing. It's like princess and the pea in there.
    In the holidays I try to book the girls into anything going a few times a week....swimming/crafting/dance/cookery. We HAVE to meet up with friends once or twice a week for my own sanity ( and a good old moan ).....weekends are family time, so that leaves me with one day at home with the babes.
    Holiday done!
    nattie x

  11. Lots of trip to the park, trip to Nanna maybe a sleep over if I'm lucky, Christmas then a 2 week trip to Phuket. And we have 8 weeks off.

  12. There's so much to love about the school holidays, and then there's the niggling, the fighting, the yelling, the cabin fever!! I do look forward to the christmas break though, there is so much more going on, loads of family around to keep us busy and entertained. I try to ship them off one at a time to Nan & Pops for a bit of a break from each other & one on one time with the grandparents, this can help. Six weeks really is a long time though..

  13. I have a new strategy that worked for my four kiddos during the last holidays. Go hard, non-stop for the first week. Friends, sleepovers, outings, picnics, movies, late nights, early mornings. By the second week they were begging me for quiet time, bouncing on the trampoline time, a trip to the library for a massive pile of books time and cooking with Mum time. Sweet! Not sure how I'm going to make this work for the Christmas holidays though!

  14. Don't worry, you are not the only one! My 3 year old went back to kindy today after two weeks at home, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Yes, I love him, but man, he has more energy than I know what to do with. And he and his two year old sister seemed to pick fights all the time. I have no magic answer. I just hung in there and took one day at a time, and got outside as much as possible (and yelled a lot more than I should have ;-) )

  15. I remember spending school (and pre school) holidays at work with my parents or in holiday programs ... I think I was always happier to be at school. Even though the days are hard your kids will look back on these days with such joy when they are older!!!

    As my thoughts turn to wanting to start a family myself ... I do wonder whether this parenting and entertaining of children has gotten harder as our lives have become busier and technology is constantly knocking on our doors. I wonder whether our parents had the same gripes over holidays 3 decades or so ago ... something to ponder.

  16. I always feel a bit geeky doing it, but I plan out our holidays. Just makes it so much smoother! Nothing major, just playing with friends, using our reptile park pass, a few little crafts (i keep a secret stash throughout the term) and a dvd day when they get to hire them from the shop (at almost 5 & 3, thats a big deal)

  17. New crafts, pencils & packets of chalk put away and brought out when boredom hits. A new DVD hired as a treat on a rainy day. And sounds ironic I know, but get out of the house! Sometimes it's a hassle, but once we're out and about, it's much easier and the squabbling miraculously lessens. Organise playdates in advance so you have one or two each week. I have two boys 6 and 3 - I just know in by the second half of the summer holidays it will feel like I birthed two Tasmanian devils. Oh, and try to get Hubby to take as much time off work as possible!!

  18. We make lists of activities and categorise them - things they do together without me, things to do alone, things to do together with me, things to do individually with me, free outings, outings that cost, screen time. Then I make sure I have all the crafty supplies on hand for the stuff they have on the list. In the morning we allocate time to different activities. Its OCD and overly planned but it works. I have an 8 year old and a 5 1/2 year old preschooler and I have come to enjoy holidays. As for summer holidays - the beach, there early and home by lunch. They are always knackered.

    Good Luck

  19. A homemade lemonade stall, at the front of our house - was a huge hit, and lasted a few hours. We spent the first hour squeezing lemons & making, the second hour drawing, crafting, decorating signs & another hour sitting out the front, waiting for customers. We only had a few customers, but it was exciting. I am not on Facebook: but for everyone else who is, you would be guaranteed a crowd with mums all in the same boat: looking for somewhere to go with the kids.
    During the last holidays, I also discovered how good ~hide & seek~ is. The Best Game Ever. I love laying in bed, covers over me, while the kids find me: they usually take five minutes. Heaven!

  20. Ah, the dreaded six week summer least in Aus you get sun. It usually rains here in the UK! Try and get away for a short break, and have house guests if you can - it just helps break up the monotony a bit! And have a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge to be opened the minute the kids are in bed. x

  21. We enjoy visiting the grandparents ;) i throw myself down on the lounge and let Mum,Dad and their dotting Aunt & Uncle shower The Wild Things with attention. We enjoy the usual baking mornings/painting/ice & water play- trips to bunnings and re-inspired hope that we can grown our own vegetables lol!!! BUT the VERY best day this hols was hanging with my mothers group. Every holidays now we organize a day long catch up with-my now big babies! mothers group. This holidays we spent the entire day at the beach together (usually we are only all able to grab a quick coffee once through the school term). It was such a delight to watch our children who have know each other their whole lives play for endless hours while we chatted about how quickly it was flying by, while i snapped a zillion photos of them all just trying to savoir the innocence of childhood.

    I have known most of the women even before we all had babies and i have to say watching the mates you grew up with grow beautiful babies is one of the greatest joys in life. Definitely my fave memory from last holidays :)

  22. My husband is a teacher so HE WILL BE HOME THE WHOLE TIME TO HELP!


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