Sunday, October 21, 2012


Zeph: Being tickled by a sprig of dill, or is it the top of some fennel?

Pippi: Resting in the shade of the Magnolia branches and munching on an apple (it's organic. Now you can think i'm like, totally amazing, even if i do take my kids to dirty donalds every now and again)

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  1. Such sweet photos. And, dirty donals...ha, ha, ha...I take my kids sometimes too. Shhh...


  2. Lol I did read that post the other day, on a day that I was feeling very much the same. I think life's too short to be too serious about theses things sometimes but I so totally do envy your veggie garden, it's amazing! I really love your new blog design btw! I love it's colour and its simplicity and I'm a fan of the larger images too...Rachael x

  3. gorgeous photos as always and the best news ... the organic apple cancels out the 'hot donalds' (it's life maths!) ... all is well! Hx

  4. Your babes make my heart melt, Em! (and they owe it all to you and Dave!)
    Bless you, bless you! ;)

  5. Not such a lady baby any more. Just a lady?

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    1. Well, I never got my kids to eat apples (organic or otherwise).
      Your photos are so natural, gorgeous :)

  7. Awww they're so beautiful Em. Love that look on Zeph's face, what a happy little character xo

  8. They are so precious! I closed myolsonfamily to the public and moved my projects, outfits, etc to

    Love for you to stop by, sorry for the confusion. I had some searches for inappropriate pictures concerning my children so I had to make it private :(

  9. Liked The Beetle Shack on Facebook.

  10. gorgeous shots as always lovely! i adore pip's cardi, want one for me. and, i got a sweet deal organised for us all on photobook printing, too. :)sarah


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