Sunday, October 14, 2012


Zephie: Dressed and ready for pre school. Stop growing little one, just for a minute so I can soak you up just as you are. Abundantly cheeky, intensely emotional.

Pippi: Post path and pre sandpit rummage/pyjama change. This kid is usually smiling or making someone else smile. Or both. 

If you missed it and are interested, I blogged some pics from our Garden Party last night. 


  1. she has an absolutely infectious smile :)sarah

  2. My goodness, Zephie looks SO grown up in that photo.
    I'm still constantly surprised that my 'babies' are walking and talking...
    Ronnie xo

  3. They're both so beautiful Em. I can just tell they have the best little personalities about them xo

  4. I just have to say I LOVE your dining chairs! It so amazing how fast they grow up...mine is almost 3! Oh my where has the time gone? Rachael xx

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