Monday, October 1, 2012


Zeph: Helping move sand around the yard. It's brickies sand, the best kind. 

Pippi: After an impromptu ocean swim she insisted on walking back to the car with a pink blanket around her shoulders (we were without towels). Part of her plan was to ensure everybody looked at her and thought she was adorable. Mission accomplished. 


  1. Pippi: evil genius at work. love the little man's shirt, too :)sarah

  2. Hehe, he looks like a real working man in his little muscle top! love it!

  3. Zeph looks so in the moment. He is a man at work! Bet he downed an ice cold drink shortly after and wiped his brow just like his Papa Bear. Gorgeous! And Miss Pippi...that girl will wear vintage faux fur in years to come and look magnificent. Such lovely images. Steph :) x
    P.S. I joined in this week...such a gorgeous idea.

  4. Haha, how adorable is your little glamour girl! Such a cute photo. Gorgeous photo of Zeph too, so lovely to capture them in action like that... always with the business these boys are :) xo


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