Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Collection - Stills {and a preview}

the outdoors edition 

 1. Dave clarifying that our Wood Fired Oven will look nothing like the dream oven I shared over here, no matter how badly i'd like it too. Ours shall be simple and humble.

2. Snacking on fresh, sweet peas. A daily tradition. Peas rarely make it to the plate as we all find ourselves snapping a few off at random, the kids especially.

3. Little legs making fun. You can just see the stringy new Asparagus sprouting in the garden beds.

4. See how she is holding my hands there? Such a tender little touch.

5. Harvesting lettuce. We grew it so I suppose we'd better eat it.

6. The kids taking shelter from the heat of the day whilst Dave works on the wood fired oven. I'll be popping back in later to show you our progress.

7. Bounce, bounce, bounce.

8. A dear friend of ours, the husband to one of my park mum's, has just released the trailer to his new film. You'll be reading more about that soon but for now - indulge in the beauty that is 'The Heart & The Sea'

It's been such a delightful weekend here at The Beetle Shack. We've made masses of progress on the wood fired oven and I can't wait to tell you all about it.


  1. pippi looks like dave in that picture! lovely collection here xx

  2. I need to see the rest of that film!

  3. Such beautiful pics, and somehow this post is even more heart warming than usual. x

  4. The photo with your two little ones perched under the beginnings of your oven, beyond words.

    Perfect in black & white.

    This is exciting! x

  5. Fabulous photos! I enjoy catching a glimpse of your day and your lovely garden bounty. ;-)

  6. what a sweet, sunny weekend. happy week to you! :)sarah

  7. So very lovely Em, your pizza oven will be fabulous! Love the pic of you & your gal, beautiful! Xo

  8. some very cool surfing and scenery. love the trailer and look forward to seeing more. i also love the pic of you and your little girl. happy monday. xo


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xo em