Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spontaneous Song

Some times Dave and I break into spontaneous song for the benefit of our children. Just about anything can be sung, you know.

We sing about bed time,  about morning time, we sing songs about washing, bathing, cleaning, painting and songs about squishy mooshy eggs.

Usually, we indulge ourselves and combine tuneful song with rhythmic interpretative dance.

These sudden, unexpected outbursts are always met with respect and exaltation from our fans, Zeph and Pippi.

They stop in their tracks as their eyes widen and jaws drop while Dave and I quietly high five each other for our obvious brilliance.

Tonight, after we had sung and danced, our ecstatic eyes met with Zephs, do you know what we saw?

Glowing adoration. Naturally.

Our chests puffed with pride as we dreamed about a future touring with the wiggles.

In that moment, we looked at each other and our faces simultaneously fell. Can you imagine the response of 14 year old who had skivvie clad parents that performed songs about squishy mooshy eggs at dinner time?

Somewhere in the next eleven years we're gonna have to change tack.

But for now, we'll bask in the glory that is being superheroes to our two tiny people.

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  1. I hear ya. We do this too! So much fun when the boys just stop, look at us, glint in their eyes, then they join in and bop along with us.

  2. totally adorabubble.

    (yes I just wrote adorabubble, but, well it is).

    1. AWESOME!!!

      so 'mum' of you.... in fact...i think i'm embarrassed ;) ahahaha

  3. Oh I am with you Em. We quite often marvel at how much adoration the boys have for us and most of the time, for just being daggy. It seems the sillier, the better, around here. And it will be sad when one day it's not met with the same enthusiasm. You guys have got it going ON! Gorgeous pic xo

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  5. ha! you're so great!
    unrelated question - are your dining chairs comfy? I've seen them on heaps of blogs & always wondered!

    1. hello darling Evie Dear,

      Yes, they are SUPER comfy. We love them. We got the plastic ones (cheaper) than the more expensive shiny ones... but we are happy with them!

  6. I did that with my 4 kids too...and it was brilliant. The youngest one is 16 now...and I have to admit to STILL breaking into song and dance at times, in the supermarket...making up new lyrics to whatever song is coming over the loudspeaker at the time (the latest one was "Somebody like you bu Adele!)...and she says, "Oh God, Mum! I don't know you!" and walks off, but her face is still smiling, and she laughs...and eventually joins in with me. We're a whacky lot! You never know...if you keep doing it maybe your children will be 14 one day and sing right along side of you...in the supermarket! :)

  7. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaahgh! I don't want to become embarrassing.
    It's so going to happen one day.

  8. i cannot WAIT to become embarrassing to my children. being a major dag i know it is my life's destiny. i thought i was the only spontaneous singer in my house, but my three year old seems to have caught it. heard him the other day singing "i don't like zucchini. i don't like kiwifruit. i don't like mummy." so i made zucchini pasta for dinner and kiwifruit for dessert. :)


      best comment ever too.

      thats all time AWESOME!

  9. That is a gorgeous photo!

    We sing here too...usually we start out with a known nursery rhyme but then it takes a turns in to the unknown and generally bizarre! And we sing about poos a lot...I think because I often sing while Baby C is on the change table? Either way our songs make no sense and are definitely not sung in tune but Baby C loves them!


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em