Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hanging On

Zeph is pretty keen to grow up. Not a day goes by without him saying 'i'm growing up into an adult'. He's looking forward to being able to surf and skate like his Dadda. But every now and again, he displays a yearning to stay small.

The other day, after insisting on being carried in the sling on our walk he told me that he didn't want to grow up anymore.

Later that night we talked about the time when he grew in my tummy and how he and I were linked from a cord that was attached to his belly button.

Simultaneously, he wriggled and tussled with a pink size 0 polar fleece onesie (belonging to his sister) as he tried to fit his strong 3 year old body into it. His face was desperate and his disappointment tangible when he finally accepted that it wasn't going to fit.

My boy really is growing up and I think he can feel it, so he's hanging on to every last thread of life as a little one and I'm more than happy to indulge him.

He is my treasure and watching him grow is the greatest honour that has ever been bestowed upon me.

I hope he grows slowly and well.

I hope he always loves his mumma.

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  1. Seriously lovely photo and post, Em!

    I think Dave should apply for the next sling diaries! x

  2. I wish the same thing for Toddler C.

    I love watching him grow and develop...but I miss the little baby who would sleep in my arms all afternoon.

    And maybe I am wrong but I feel like having boys is different...one day they will grow up and get married and love another woman.
    Dramatic I know!

  3. I'm already way to clucky but seriously this post got me! What a beautiful post it always makes me reflect how my mum feels now that us kids are all grown up!

    Steph x

  4. Of course he will always love his Mumma. He has wonderful parents, he will be a wonderful guy.
    My 'little boy' is 12 now, and he is still so much my boy. I don't think he will ever change!

    Gorgeous photos lady, I've missed checking out what you're up to on here!!

    Rach x

  5. As mama to a little boy who keeps telling me his is a "big boy" this post pulled at every single heart string. Can we just find a pause button already?

    Beautiful words Em. X

  6. What a beautiful post.
    He will definitely always love his mama... his beautiful mama.
    Ronnie xo

  7. Beautiful. I can relate. I see the battle of big boy/little boy in Ronan's world, daily.

  8. Awwww, he will ALWAYS love his Mama, Em. Such a lovely, sweet Mama... how could he not!? I know what you mean about them wanting to be all grown up at times... then at others, just wanting to be nurtured. My parents used to say to me when I was itching to be older than my years, "you'll be a grown up for such a long time"... and I have finally learnt what they meant. I think it's beautiful when children can just hang onto to childhood and not have to worry about all the pressures and concerns of adulthood. I'd like to ensure my boys have that option for as long as they wish. Gorgeous pic by the way, looks so cute having little sis trotting along while big bro hitches a ride on Dad, priceless xoxo

  9. sweet sweet post. my son is 11 and growing up is the only thing on his mind...next to video games. he used conditioner last night (because girls like soft hair, he said) and i caught a whiff of cologne lingering in the hallway this morning. but he still asks me to tuck him in every night and he tells me he loves me every day. boys are like...ours forever.

  10. Oh, I hear you!! My three and a half year old son started nursery today - a big day for all of us. He likes to say he's a big boy, but at night, after his bath, he says "like a baby?" to me. This means I have to wrap him up in a big towel, cradle him like a baby and carry him to his room, while he makes (pretty cute) baby noises. I think this is his way of hanging on to some babyhood while entering a scary new phase.

    ps loved your garland/pompom thing - it rocked! xx

  11. my little man likes to measure himself all the time against the wall but when he started loosing his teeth that was a different story, then he decided he had grown up enough x

  12. i can totally understand this feeling. my youngest (now 12) grabbed and held my hand to cross the road on our way to school this morning... i almost melted. even at 12 he's my baby and just little moments like that remind me that he always will be.

    gorgeous photo and moment to remember along with it.


  13. What a gorgeous photo - and gorgeous moment behind it. You write so beautifully.

    Newest follower - and so excited to



  14. I was having such a similar conversation with my three year old the other day. He was climbing on my tummy, trying to fit back in there! Great photo. x

  15. I cant relate...sort of...well not really :) but emotionally I'm feeling the changes that are happening with Miles right now and a part of me is so excited for a new walking (!!!) stage in his sweet life and the other part is so sad my little one isnt so little anymore.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em