Monday, September 17, 2012

Eating with Vegie Mama

In my quest to feed our family on a budget and make ethical choices surrounding food, I have asked a few of my favourite food bloggers about their approach.

Meet Stacey aka Vegie Mama.

This woman is, first and foremost, smokin' hot. She is also (less importantly) a vegetarian, a mother, a university lecturer and a blogger.

Her approach to food is simple and is chronicled on her beautiful blog, Veggie Mama. Stacey also does an awesome Meatless Monday linky where you can find an abundance of great vegetarian recipes.

What is your approach to feeding your family?

Relaxed, but with a focus on flavour and variety. I make the effort where possible to buy from markets or other local producers, and local or organic (or both!) dairy. I'm very fortunate to live in an area where this kind of thing is not only abundant, but incredibly high-quality.

Do you try to buy organic where possible? 
When I'm not getting it from local growers I do try, but should try harder!

Organic v's Local? What's your choice?
Both if possible, but usually local over organic. I do tend to frequent the market stalls that sell unsprayed produce.

What is the greatest luxury that you put into your shopping basket?
Organic salted butter.

Do you have a staple recipe? One that you fall back on when you can't be bothered with dinner?
Tacos or homemade pizza.

Do you closely monitor to your weekly food spend?
Nope! I grew up quite poor, so I indulge now when it comes to food. It's the one spending area in which I am not a cheapskate! And because we are a meat-free household, we've got a little extra cash to spend on organic or higher-quality items. 

Thanks for your time Veggie Mama. It's always a delight to be entertained by you!

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  1. Thats no excaggerating, she is smoking!

  2. Oooh-er! Thanks for featuring me, dude! You're the coolest xoxo

  3. Great little interview. I've been trying to buy local more and more often because I think it's so important to support our community farmers.

    1. Hey Anita, i'm with you, local is the way to go!

      xo em

  4. ♥ Inspiring. We made homemade pizza last night, with slices of red and yellow tomatoes from our backyard, and green peppers from a friend and lots of fresh mozzarella. I love that pink bike....and yes, she is so cute!

  5. Gorgeous photo!!!! I love veggie mama blog, it's very inspiring.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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