Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Big Skip Bins

Dave works in an office pushing papers and crunching numbers, but he also makes trips to building sites with big skip bins, fluro vests and hard hats galore. For this reason, Zeph considers his dad a hero.

From time to time the kids and I tag along for site visits. The work men call Zeph 'matey' and indulge him in his delight at being there. They talk machinery, tools and Bob the Builder - it's all very serious.

look at them there, two peas in a pod.

For some reason these photo's make me a little misty, I can feel the sting in my eyes as I write this. Look at my baby boy's eagerness to grow up. You can see it in his step as he catches up to his dadda, he wants to be an adult but I don't want him to, not even a little bit.

I'm just not ready.


  1. Those photos are so lovely!
    I don't want my boy to grow up either! Is there some way we can Peter Pan them and keep them boys forever?

  2. Oh Em, I so hear you. Tonight I was watching Elliot help his Papa (my husband too, for clarification) as he fixed his flat bike tyre. I was about to intervene with pyjama time, but I stopped myself in time to witness a beautiful moment of my little boy learning to be a man. It's just too difficult to think of my little one as ever being grown up. Won't he always be my baby?

  3. Oh my goodness .... just look at the little fella in his flouro dress, running to catch up. SO CUTE. Kellie xx

  4. Yes, I can relate to this Em. Almost on a daily basis, I find myself stopping in my tracks to marvel at my Mr 4.5... going on 17! He is getting so big, both physically and emotionally, at times I think he is more level-headed than me! And then of course, once they get with their Dad's, it's all men's business.
    Beautiful captures of a very special moment to remember, in a young boy's life xo

  5. Me neither. I want to pause time and savour every second of my kids little-ness. It makes me dangerously broody too!

    It's a very sweet photo, I love how the flouro vest is hanging off him!

  6. Emily, thanks so much for stopping by myolsonfamily! That's so cute you have an Olive, too. Your family is adorable!

  7. Very sweet pictures! I am also feeling a little teery thinking about my little one growing up... he's only one, but already he seems so far away from the baby he once was.

  8. aww this made me feel a little teary too! My son Wilf is ten months and part of me is so eager for him to get a bit bigger and be able to play around with his daddy but the other part of me (especially as he has started walking!) is screaming slow down! x

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