Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Besties Makin' Babies

Jo and I have known each other since we were eleven or twelve.

She was a people pleasing high achiever who played classical piano with perfect posture.  I was less inclined to quietly impress, preferring a more in-your-face approach, I liked punk music.

We did the awkward teen years together, talking about boys and going on double dates. Having sleep overs at each others houses and convincing our parents to give us money for fuel.

Years and many, many stories had past when we found ourselves meeting for our regular coffee and banana bread date. There was always much to discuss - work (we were both teachers), life, our partners  etc.

On this particular occasion I had some very important news to share with Jo. It must have been some time around August or early September. Dave and I had just spent some time in France and returned home with a little 'bun in the oven'.

I couldn't quite read Jo's expression when I told her but her open mouth and bulging eyes suggested shock.

Seconds later she confessed to being in the same position... you know... pregnant (we didn't talk kama sutra on this occasion).

We couldn't quite believe that this was happening - we were going to have a kid each... within a month of each other. We were not prepared.

But they came anyway.

After that, we had another kid each, again within a month of each other.

Each time, Jo has looked like a pubescent teen moments after birth. Whilst I struggle to shift the extra twenty kilos, Jo struggles to decide which pair of cut off denim shorts she should wear.

Pregnancy looks good on her too, so she's going for round three.

This will be the first time in four years that we won't be having babies almost simultaneously.

I'm thrilled at the thought of being able to cook her dinners and do her washing and hold that sweet little baby while she chooses which denim shorts suit her perky bum best.

So Jo - just this time, I was wondering....can we call this baby 'our' baby, since you're having one and i'm not?

It just seems 'right' to me.

today marks three years

the boys bestie parties


  1. I wish I had had a friend like this. For now I am the only mumma in my group.x

  2. This sounds exactly like my best friend and me! we had our bubs 3 months apart each time. And I was the one who went for round three. I'm the heavier one whilst my beautiful friend gets around on the beach in a bikini!! My third bub satisfies her baby cravings!It's been so wonderful to share the journey with her.

  3. my bestie and i have been alternately pregnant or breastfeeding for the last eight years. we are getting together for a threesome on friday: she, me and a bottle of wine :)sarah

  4. I almost thought you were going to announce something! My bestie (one of) and I had our bubs a day apart, same hospital, next door to each other. Special times. Now we're about to celebrate their first birthdays!
    Lovely photos too! x

  5. My wonderful friend and I had a new baby every nine months for 7 babies! We obviously hit the maternal button in each other and each time we held each others new born a "bun in the oven" was bound! Beautiful and lovely but enough already!

  6. Sweet to have a friend for so long. Congrats to her on her 3rd.

  7. Awww, what a beautiful story Em. One of my besties and I had both of our pregnancies very close too. Such a special time. Though this year, I have had many friends pregnant and having babes. It's been a bittersweet year in that regard, as I thought this would be the year for our third too. But some things aren't meant to be and others just are... and you are so right, it is nice to be there for your girls and share their journey, without actually going through that journey personally xoxo

  8. How sweet! What a lovely friendship to have.

  9. what a lovely way to celebrate your friend/friendship x

  10. You're so lucky to have such a beautiful friendship like that. And she's so lucky to be pampered by you this time around. Really gorgeous story. xx

  11. I loved being pregnant alongside my bestie! And the temptation to match make them was, IS still very strong ;)

    It seems that right now there are a lot of 'our' babies around, (or still cooking)as all and I mean ALL of my friends are having babies.


    P.S. Your bestie is gorgeous - but you knew that, right?!

    1. the 'our' babies are going to need to keep us ALL going, Lou!!

      and yes, by bestie is a total hottie. I even picked the most ugly pics I could ;) ahah not really.

  12. What a lovely story, you're are 2 very lucky ladies :-)
    I am the only Mum in my group of Besties and I am also living on the other side of the world to them so they don't get to see my little boy or help out like they'd like, and I'd like them too. So make the most of each other, you sound like forever friends xxxxxxxxx

  13. You feel free to hold this little munchkin too, when he makes an appearance, while I try on the baggiest clothes out there. We're all jealous of Jo and her smokin' bod! ;) x

  14. It is special to share pregnancy with a good friend. And you know exactly what the other is going through cos you are going through it too. Two of my besties are pregnant currently, and it's making me very broody! x

  15. Loving the new fresh web look~!

  16. Jo still looks as gorgeous as ever. If memory serves me correct, I do recall you and Jo going skinny jean shopping just months after Joseph and Felix's arrival. I was so jealous!!!!! Xo


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