Monday, September 3, 2012

All In A Day's Work

Making a bean growing apparatus (trellis)

After feasting and celebrating Fathers Day with my dad we busied ourselves in the yard while the sun was still warm and our bellies still full*.

We chopped slender bamboo stems from our back yard before forming them into a tee pee. With its frame stuck firmly in the ground we wove string and flexible bamboo around the structure.  After channeling our inner Harriet Goodall, we had a trellis.

Next we shall have climbing beans.

It was fun to be together and achieve something useful, practical and hopefully lasting. As evening crept up, we watered the veggies, washed our hands and ate from the garden. Fo realz.

Makes us sound like we've got the prefect life right? Don't be fooled. We squabbled and the kids did more destruction than construction. But that's okay 'cus it was still bloody awesome and life is good when it's normal.

* of supermarket bacon. Ohh conviction, Where where you at breakfast time?


  1. "life is good when it's normal" Haha best words of wisdom - it's so true!
    That's gonna be mega exciting when beans start growing up it! I bet it'll look really awesome too ;)


    1. oh yes, normal. So fabulous!!

      can't wait for those beans!

      xo em

  2. yeah! that's a pretty cool structure for the beans. i love doing normal stuff, together. even the groceries ;)sarah

  3. There's nothing better than eating from your own garden, completely and utterly satisfying! We might have to try beans, if only for the making of the trellis! It looks great.

  4. hehe! Funny! Looks great, I am excited to see the beans grow! x

  5. Love that last paragraph! Yay normalcy!
    The rest of your post makes me yearn for the sunshine we've been missing lately (rain rain go away) to get outside and do stuff together! Bring it on!

  6. Haha! So glad your life is 'normal' just like the rest of us! Still...there was progress to be celebrated too!

  7. Fabulous trellis.
    Can't beat home grown veggies.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em