Thursday, July 26, 2012

You've Gotta See This

A few weekends ago some of our treasured friends got married. This is the Groom, Mike McCarthy's face as his bride walks the sodden isle to meet him.

She's a stinkin' hot babe.

Have a look at the full day and see Soph in all her glory here.

Thanks for throwing the party to end all parties guys!

Live happily ever after.

p.s Mike just happens to be an uber talented musician. You can check it out here. I know every word to every song on this album and still play it on high rotation. In fact, I think the launch show for this record is the best gig i've ever been to (and i've even seen bob dylan play)


  1. Wow, amazing photos. Your friend Soph looked so beautiful. What an amazing dress!!
    Ronnie xo

  2. What a happy day!
    I love her bouquet - brilliant!!

  3. No words needed after seeing his face - PRECIOUS



  4. Oh she is a babe. Stunning wedding and the photos are just amazing. Love the black shoes with the gown, beautiful little details everywhere. Thanks for sharing Em... I always love a good wedding sticky beak xo

  5. Absolutely stunning, you can see they're going to have a good life together.

  6. His face made me cry before I even got to have a look at the gorgeous bride!!

  7. Naaww. That's freaking awesome.

  8. I am with LizzeyLou, not looked at the rest of the photos yet, but that shot of the groom is priceless, she literally took his breath away. Lovely post

  9. I am a sucker for watching the groom's faces when their bride walks down the aisle. His expression says so much more than words ever could.

  10. amazing guy huh!? We were at his album release in Adelaide with Sons of Korah at Concordia College. Amazing night and we love the album still. So thrilled to see where he's at now! Congrats Mike!

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