Monday, July 2, 2012

.com + other news

The Beetle Shack is .com

It's not really very exciting, but i thought i'd let you know that if you're looking for us we'll be at from now on. Well actually, we'll just be here in our little home. But you know what I mean.

In other not-really-very-exciting-news i'm just putting the very finishing touches onto my version of this story and it WILL go up this week, I promise. It's been a mission to get out but it's ready now. If you'd like to read a more happy version of my life, you can do so here.

I'm planning a few more kitchen exercises this month, similar to a month of sundays but slightly different.

 I ordered a new camera that should be arriving in a couple of weeks. I'm so totally excited about it, it's insane.

My head is filled with snot.

We've got some fun giveaways happening this month.

Annd.... thats about it.

oh wait- for this week only i'm offering two months for the price of one on the sponsorship front. Get into it here.

Bet you're glad you read all of that right?


  1. I love your blog, you're one of my very favourites :)

  2. Emily I just wanted to drop by to tell you how much I love your blog. You've inspired me to start my own just last week. I'm wondering if you were as petrified as I am? I'm still not quite sure why I'm so scared to put it all out there. There's no shutting me up among friends!

    1. Hello lady, did you ever start that blog?

      I'd ove to visit you if you did!

      xo em

  3. Yay for .com. I was very excited when my blog went to a .com
    Double yay for camera. What are you getting? X

  4. Hey! Have been meaning to say thanks for the picmonkey link a while back. Having so much fun with it!

    rachel xo

  5. Happy Monday! Congrats on your .com. ;-)

  6. Wow, look at you all dot comming! I hope this doesn't mean I'll have trouble following you through blogger now!? I am a snot head at the mo' too, horrible yucky Winter ills. Gorgeous flowers too Em xo

  7. How exciting - I think the move to .com is always very exciting :

    As for the camera, enjoy enjoy enjoy! Which one did you get? x

  8. especially glad to get the info about your head being full of snot!! congrats on your .com status!!

  9. Hey! Welcome to the .com family! :) It's not a huge deal, but it is kinda fun to see it in print, isn't it? :)


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em