Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blogs I'm Loving

If you need inspiration for true and lasting simple living then this is the place. Filled with stunning photography and honest prose, one of my (and Dave's) favourite places on the interwebs. We eagerly await his book.

 I have spend many hours devouring Rebekka's delicious words, photographs and illustrations. When you visit, you'll want to linger. 

lets be honest, who doesn't 


  1. nice choices! i adore rebekka's work/blog. (discovered via jodi) perfection :) looking forward to checking out whole larder love. impossible not to already want to follow with a name like that! and bleubird. sigh...i do i do too x

  2. rohan is one inspiring man. I'm intrigued by every post. And you know I love Rebekka ;) x

  3. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by :) I have recently just discovered whole larder love and am hooked too! Looking forward to having a look at the others you've mentioned. Have a nice night! Lucy xx

  4. I love bluebird and will definitely check out the other recommendations. Thanks! :)

  5. i've really been digging Dear Friend lately a lot too. Ever since they moved into their new house I've been super addicted to her blog.

    - Sarah

  6. I read those three too! And I love them too xx


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em