Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Beautiful Home - An Artists Home

When a humble and eloquently written email appeared in my inbox a couple of months ago sharing the work of this amazing artist, I was delighted to learn about his mammoth canvases and relaxed methods.

That email was my first introduction to the talented Rodney Simmons and from there I came to know his lovely partner, Claire and their friend Nicole Humphrey.

As it turns out, these three amigos are all true creatives.

Between them, they can paint large canvases resulting in monet-seque abstract landscapes, decorate houses to Vogue Living standard and photograph before mentioned canvases and homes with perfect lighting.

It's only natural that we'd like to take a peek inside the houses of such creative people, right?

So, welcome to Rodney and Claire's bespoke hideaway. Filled with salvaged treasures, original paintings, three children and endless love. Photographed by Nicole Humphrey.

"This was the Hogwarts room complete with Potions area , roll top desk and Owlery...The beds were bought on ebay for 99 cents( for two! ) and the kids and I had fun respraying them black. Hogwarts express sign was painted by Rodney Simmons and the broom was one of twelve Rodney hand made for a Harry potter party. We all thought that "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good" is an apt quote for a kids room!" - Claire

"This is Monet's room . The room reveal was her 8th birthday present. Rodney painted the tree and birdhouses (which are used for storage) and Monet loves going to sleep watching the birds and the peace dove on the ceiling. The green rug was given to her by a friend and the crates were bought at a garage sale" - Claire

 "I had wanted a mid century sideboard for a long long time. My best friend bought the one pictured for me as a surprise birthday present from another friend's mother in law. The large 'happy birthday mummy' canvas was my fortieth birthday present from the kids - it makes me smile. We have loads of photos but most date back to before Scarlett was done - poor third child! The table and sideboard were bought at a garage sale and the chest is an old sailing trunk" - Claire 

 "A nook outside - big chairs - roadside find and the little one picked up at an op shop for 10 dollars. The table is two old crates put together" - Claire

"This is the moment I fell in love with our home. I drove down the driveway and said to my husband- I think we are in trouble - he said why - I said I'm loving this driveway. Of course it wasnt the driveway it was the light in the trees and the bird life and well the whole damn forest that we have!" - Claire

I'm so in love with this charming home and completely inspired by the possibility of scoring matching vintage beds on ebay for 99c (best buy ever? yes, i think so). 

If you get the chance, please visit Nicole over on her facebook page, she is a truly talented photographer. 

The masterful Rodney Simmons can be found here. His work is pure deliciousness and well worthy of an oogle. 


  1. Gorgeous - lovely! I like the chair swing from the tree!

  2. What a beautiful family home full of love. The backyard is gorgeous and is further adding to a pestering desire to move out of the city!

  3. Oh I do love a good garage sale find. My favourite way to shop. And now I'm kicking myself for getting rid of the boys' moses basket...

  4. what an amazing home! Thank you for sharing it Em, Jxx

  5. AMAZING home, so inspired to create a welcoming & loving home of my own.

  6. I am SO in love with those spaces! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love their home and love Rodney's work. Always enjoy learning about new artists I so resonate with. Thank you!!!

  8. wow, dream home??..yes please.are those netball hoops above the beds?....i so love an inspired idea!!

  9. I don't normally dig house porn, but this was an absolute orgy for my eye balls! Monet is a very lucky girl staring at that ceiling from her bed.

  10. Woah. Fan-freaking-tastic. Love it to bits.

  11. Great place Claire. Love it.

    Len, ( England )

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