Sunday, June 24, 2012

While the Kids Slept

Things have been busy 'round here and Dave and I have found ourselves snarling at each other far more often than usual. We're craving a break from real life, but until that happens we'll do our best to switch up the routine and make time for the things we enjoy

This weekend we packed up some fresh home made pizza and icy cold beers and drove to a favourite lookout. While the kids slept, we sat with the warm winter sun on our backs and pretended we didn't have a house to clean, a garden to maintain and washing to do.

It was rejuvenating.

In other news, dave is now sporting this incredibly sexy mo. I like it. It makes me laugh every time I see him. every. time.

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tomorrow's monday again, bros. 
It's all good.


  1. I love sneaking in couple time while they sleep. I actually also sometimes drive around in the car until they both fall asleep when I am by myself, go drive through and get a sneaky McFlurry. Or eat fruit tingles and read OK! magazine after grocery shopping.Thank god my kids still fall asleep in the car!

  2. Ha ha the mo, what a glorious day, did you spot any whales? x

  3. Oh how I'm craving a little get away too! I almost feel satisfied having just seen these pictures...hmmm coastal views, and delicious food and beer :) Thank you for this little treat!

    p.s. that is one impressive mo!

  4. You're so real....the "snarling" is just a part of life, but they're more good times!!! Pizza and beer on the water sound great! I ♥ that pic of you two.

  5. Haha, I'm glad you said you laugh at his mo, because I kinda chuckled too! Beautiful pics Em.
    And you know, Scott and I did something very similar on Fri. Hit the road to the northern beaches and attempted to have our lunch in peace and quiet, but the monkey's woke up! No mind, we all shared lunch sitting in the car (as it was SO SO windy and cold), then we warmed up and played our indulgent lunch off in the park afterwards.
    I think these little 'escapes' from reality are essential at this time of year especially... when it feels like you're a long way from anything. Metaphorically speaking.

  6. sounds lovely!! i love when my little boy falls asleep in the car and i enjoy a lovely coffee and cookie at my fav and local cafe. (very small town and he is only a Metre away from my seat)

  7. I am feeling the exact same way.
    I am completely exhausted emotionally...when I think back over the past year I just cannot believe all that has been crammed in...I need a holiday!
    Your little trip is inspiring though...maybe this weekend Daddy R and I will load up Baby C and Puppy S and head to the coast!
    In the meantime there is a house to clean and laundry that needs doing!

  8. Isn't it just bliss to have an uninterrupted conversation? About anything really. And when you are both still awake, if we wait til the kids are in bed at 8pm we are just about comatose. And the mo, is a shocker! You are very very tolerant. Legoman had one briefly when we first met and it had to go if there was any chance of the relationship continuing. melx

  9. At first I had visions of you tucking them up in bed and pottering off out the door.... DOCS!!.. Awesome idea, I would steal it if my kids slept for the mo?!.. It makes me smile too but not on my hubby thanks x

  10. Aw yeah!

    That is a nice mo.


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