Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spaces I'm Visiting This Long Weekend

A beautiful friend of mine, journalist and fashion lover. Self confessed food addict and all round babe, visit Amy for a giggle and an insight into her fabulous life.

To easily edit all of your photo's- add filters, text and create collages. Really much easier than this one.

for excellent stories form the life of young Olive in the form of letters from her mumma, Kellie who happens to be a total babe and seriously funny.

because I work there, and it has the most stunning selection of goodies imaginable. Make sure you sign up to the newsletter for weekly finds and links to my fave blogs, artists and designers (I've got a fun one planned for this week).

Grab a cuppa and a blanket (it' so cold today) and spend some time in these spaces.


  1. picmonkey is a lifesaver! so simple and such a relief after piknik bit the dust :(

  2. Cold up here on the Gold Coast, wishing I could jump into a cozy bed instead of soldioring along with the folk makinf Winter Sun a fabulous event once again. Xx I am back at the shack Friday.

  3. Picmonkey looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for sharing. Off to check them out x

  5. Thanks for sharing the picmonkey link - very timely as I've been Googling 'mosaic photo makers' this afternoon actually :) This one looks great!


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