Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Sea of Black Umbrellas

Under cloud laden skies and to the rhythm on rain dropping on a sea of black umbrellas, we witnessed the marriage of two precious friends. 

 As they softly promised to love one another for the rest of their days I couldn't help but reflect upon the immense privilege that it is the be part of such a sacred occasion. The meeting of two hearts and the joining of two lives, forever. 

The day was particularly special as the Groom was the best man at our wedding some ten years ago and his sister is one of my dearest friends.

So we dressed up, drank wine and danced.

 The day was documented by this amazing photographer
You can see Mike and Soph's engagement shoot here.

p.s i've pinched photo's from my friends instagram feeds.


  1. gorgeous!! Her dress is amazing!

    I can't wait to get Married <3

  2. Agree with Lisa - her wedding dress is drop dead gorgeous. What a beautiful bride your friend makes!
    And don't you look lovely yourself!
    Thanks for sharing these, Em. Stay warm.
    Ronnie xo

  3. Looks like a great day!
    Will you blog about your outfit? It looks amazing!
    It rained so hard on my wedding day...I think it made the day more cozy and intimate...and supposedly it is good luck!

  4. The bride looks stunning. My friend Elyse (and her guy Brodie) are in the background of the second photo down...small world.

  5. I adore a wedding. Privellege indeed. They look scrummy! x

  6. What a beautiful day, despite the gloomy weather... if anything can brighten up a day like that... a wedding can. An absolute privilege to be part of such a blessed affair. Love the photos, the last one is wild! And you looked amazing young Em xoxo

  7. I always think how special it is to be a witness at a marriage! I love weddings, even if I do cry at every single one! The bride looks amazing - stunning dress! X

  8. these photos make me want to get married in the rain! i think there's a certain romanticness about the black umbrellas! the bride looks absolutely radiant in her dress :)

  9. looks like a gorgeous day, and that dress- shawiiiing! nice one- love the candid instagram pics, too! :) sarah

  10. What a beautiful thing that instead of rushing inside they went ahead with umbrellas for the rain, I think that says a lot about the couple. It looks like it was a truly beautiful day and you looked fabulous too!

  11. I bet they had a lovely day, shame about the weather sunday turned out much warmer.

  12. Beautiful! I do love a good wedding.

    I think bad weather weddings are under-rated - we married in winter in force 8 gales in an art deco hotel on an island. Far more atmospheric than boring old sun ;)

  13. Lovely wedding. Glad it all worked out in spite of the rain.


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