Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Peanut Butter Sandwich

and just like that, they're grown up

Last night Zeph refused to eat his dinner. 

Naturally, he awoke with a growling belly in the wee hours. It was cold and the windows were still frosty. Doing anything to stall leaving the warmth of our bed, Dave and I suggested we read some stories or, you know, lie back down and GO TO SLEEP

Zeph didn't go for it. We did.

In between our slumber we heard the moving of furniture, clanging of cutlery and slamming of pantry doors. 

The golden light glowing from the kitchen was enough to make my feet hit the floor. Out of laziness, I walked to the french doors in our room and wiped the frost from the glass, making the perfect viewing spot.

I witnessed my first born baby boy methodically moving a chair to the pantry, where he selected the peanut butter before dragging the same chair to the cutlery draw. There he stood, spreading lashings onto fresh (okay, okay, not so fresh) bread.

Time was frozen. I was transfixed by the vision of my baby being totally self sufficient. Grown up and doing what he's watched us do a hundred times before.

I hope I never forget this vision of him, growing up right before my eyes. Changing by the second, acquiring new skills more quickly than he can put them into practice. He wipes his own bottom, fills his own cup with milk and puts his own pants on backwards each and every day.

slow down, sweet pea (but please do continue to make your own breakfast)

Do you remember the first time your kids made their own breakfast?


  1. Oh my. What a story. That is SO AWESOME.
    I have yet to put Angus to the test. I wonder why I've never thought to get him to make his own food!!??
    It's such a bittersweet deal, isn't it?
    It's like: Bring on self sufficiency, but yes, please don't grow too quickly.
    Ronnie xo

  2. That's so, so sweet. And amazing! We couldn't believe it when recently olive started cooking her own pappadums. (Can you tell she's half sri lankan?) She opens the pantry, climbs up, gets them out, then (embarrassingly) puts them in the microwave for 30 seconds! I can't wait til she can make breakfast. Kellie xx

  3. Awesomeness. All of it. Zeph is so totally cool.

  4. My Mr 4, just this week started helping himself. He reheated a sausage in the microwave and slapped it on some bread for his breaky. The very next day he attempted egg on toast. Luckily the whole egg had only been in the microwave for 15 seconds by the time I got to it! He is also pouring his own drinks etc.... it is quite exciting really, albeit a bit messy :) anything for a few more minutes in a warm bed...

  5. My middle child has always been an early bird, from about 2 1/2 she has been getting up, putting the tv on and snuggling on the couch under a blankie, if she was hungry she would get herself a piece of bread. She just let the rest of us sleep. She's now 6 1/2 and she still does it.....and she also gets her little sister out of her cot and plays with her. Still letting the rest of us sleep. (Gosh reading back, that makes me feel like the laziest mum ever!)

  6. This is such a sweet story x

  7. Apparently I used to do that when I was 2 1/2 as well. I would pull myself to the top of my to, throw myself off the edge, plop to the floor, and waddle off to watch Telly after dusting myself off. All my mum could do was make sure I had a soft landing, because she sure couldn't keep me in bed. ;)

  8. Oh my goodness! Your boy made a sandwich, my boy did his first poo in a toilet. Happy days. xx

  9. Hooray, go Zephie! Now you just have to teach him to make YOUR breaky and/or coffee... xx

  10. Oh my goodness! How clever is the Zeph, I'm pretty impressed by that initiative. I've never witnessed anything like that from either of my boys. Though Felix is not backward in coming forward when it comes to helping himself to the yoghurt tubs in the fridge... and he's quite methodical with that too!

  11. I LOVE watching my kids when they don't know I'm there. Love it.

  12. Lets hope he eats his dinner so you can sleep, I enjoy watching my guy do things for himself.

  13. What a precious moment to witness!
    Our two decided to make dinner for each other the other night while Dave & I were packing for our house move. We hid in the bedroom listening and spying on them making gorgeous little sandwiches, drinks, fruit and a ridiculous amount of mess.

  14. Still waiting for Masters 7 & 5 to make their own breakfast, although they will get themselves a yoghurt. Does that count?


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