Sunday, May 27, 2012

Treasures of Trade

Wooden handled saws, antique cigar tins and decades worth of memories. These are the treasures passed down to Dave from his Dzia Dzia. Some of these tools have travelled across the seas from his home land, Poland. Many were bought in Perth, W.A but each and every one of them has been meticiliouly cared for, cleaned and polished after every use, as was the nature of Dave's grandfather.

They are a beautiful and treasured keepsake for our family and with every use we will be reminded of that generous, talented Dzia Dzia. They will prompt the telling of stores about his journey through war torn countries, his new life in Australia, his skills as a fitter and turner and his snappy sense of style.

For us, sentimental things are the best things. 

p.s thanks so much for your encouragement about this exciting news.


  1. Beautiful. Older generations were so much better at caring for their possessions than many of us are...It's so easy now to throw things away and buy more, I wrote about this recently but by chance encounter, last year a stranger left me all his dressmaker wife's tools and sewing bits and pieces. She'd just passed away. I just felt overcome, and so greatful. You can tell when people have genuinely cared for their things. Xx

  2. How beautiful. My grandfather was a carpenter. The other day my grandmother said that she would love Rodge (my partner), to have his old tools – if he didn't mind owning such old things! As if he'd mind! The quality of some of those older tools is incredible. Let alone the memories they hold. To be treasured.

  3. Just gorgeous Em!
    It must have been the weekend for it. I spent hours at my mums house over the weekend looking at the various treasures my Pa took to war with him. Amongst them was my great grandmothers League of the Sacred Heart leather patch and Saint Gerard pendant, as well as a gold heart locket with the Rising Sun on the front and inside the sweetest photo of Nanna and Pa. He must have kept these near and dear to him as an 18 year old pup sent to Borneo.
    Mum also brought out my great great grandfathers hand carved timber pipe which he carried across on the boat from England and smoked from every day. The intricate carving of a ladies face on the chamber is just incredible.
    You're exactly right. Sentimental things ARE the best things. I feel so lucky to have things like this in my life.

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  5. To wonder what those tools have made.....the stories, precious.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em