Friday, May 4, 2012

Today Marks Three Years

Today Marks three years to the day that my very best friend had her very first son. I remember that sacred day like it was yesterday. Jo called me with a croaky voice and before she told me, I knew. She was holding her very own baby human.

Jo and I had spent the past nine months talking about, planning for and dreaming of our sweet babies being born. We talked about the joys and pitfalls of pregnancy whilst briskly walking around near by leafy suburbs, we discussed labour and birth while sipping half strength, skim caps and when having our weekly pedicures, we pontificated over what life would be like once they arrived.

Nothing could prepare us.

This afternoon, I passed the Young Man my iphone after calling Jo's number. Zephie and the birthday boy chatted like old ladies. With a smile on his face, the Young Man asked - "what did you get for your birfday fewix, and what choo doin' now, and where's your daddy, what he doin'" and so on.

The camera was close by and I couldn't resist the opportunity to capture the love on Zephies face. He knows there is nothing like a good mate.

What a blessing it is to have walked the journey of pregnancy and parenthood with my ever beautiful, ever gracious friend Jo.


You are a wonderful mother Jo. 
Happy three years of parenthood, you make it look easy and you are still a total fox, just like you were in high school. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIX, you exceptionally fabulous child!


  1. God I miss my friends from my mothers group in England. Bonds like I've never had before and probably will never have again. Pregnant with them and sharing every moment after that. I miss them so much. They really are very special friendships, aren't they.

  2. what a gorgeous post. i love hearing of your stories and this one is a winner. i love olive in the background being a cutie pie and i am still friends with the kids i knew when i was 3 so i totally know he'll be drinking and talking girls with felix in years to come. a beautiful friendship has been born. lovely em. xx

  3. Oh this is just beautiful Em. How CUTE are your babes, love the pics, so natural and expressive.
    My best friend and I shared a journey like this... and continue to share it. Angus and Lilly are like kindred spirits as a result. I was actually there for the birth of Lilly, I sat with her, all puffy and pink and new, while my friend went into recovery after her c-section. I was 8 weeks away from having Angus... I will never forget that night.
    And what a great name, Felix! Your friend Jo has exceptional taste.

  4. There is nothing like a friend that is so close you share both the momentus and the miniscule bits of your life with them. You are really blessed to have such a great friend. I have one of those - but she now lives about 11 hours drive away. :( It's always great to pick right up where we left off. Hope Zephie and Felix's friendship keeps blossoming and grows into something really strong like their parents one. :)

  5. I love this, Em! I have a smilier friend who fell pregnant just before I did so our daughters were destined to be close! ;) Hope you're enjoying your weekend! xx

  6. *similar, whoops! I swear I know how to spell. Haha.

  7. Oh, if Elke had been a boy she would've been a Felix. Though Fewix sounds so much cuter. You're lucky to have mother-son besties xx

  8. Aw, this totally made me smile. :)

  9. Grabbing your button. thanks for the inspiration and stoping by my blog! i can't wait to read your future posts! xo

  10. This was such a heartfelt post! Cheers to Jo!!

  11. So sweet. Look at his little face. It's awesome that I've made 3 beautiful new friends over the last 4 months, who's babies will all be in the same school year as Josephine. I hope they're all as good friends as their Mamas and Papas have become. xx


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em