Monday, May 14, 2012

That Face, These days

 You are growing up by the second and so much fun to have around. Your every day antics include insisting I stand still and 'act like a pole' so that you can climb onto the highest stool/table/bench within reach and slide down like 'fireman sam'. Your laugh is loud, infectious and offered up easily whist under a tickle attack or indeed when just about anyone else is having a giggle, you don't really need to know what their laughing about- you just join in. 

You are getting taller every day and really need some new pants, I'm scrooge so I bought you nice socks instead. That way it won't matter if they are revealed between your jeans and your Jonah's.

Your gentle nature is being increasingly revealed and you care for your baby sister just about as well as I do. You two are wonderful friends and can often be seen zooming around the house in convey. You on your trike, Pippi on the little wheelie bee. Sometimes you go tandem and thats a pretty sweet sight to behold. 

'I wove you' rolls easily off your tongue and if you ever hear your dad or I speak poorly of something we've created (ie,a meal we've cooked) you are quick offer a "oh no, this is wovely mum, good job". And we believe you.

You still say W in place of when you are in a hurry or focused on other things. I hope you never stop, it's so desperately adorable.

You are full of joy and emotion and energy and simply oozing with imagination.

Last week you presented me with a painting of a banana that you had completed at Pre School. I promptly put it in a frame and hung it on the wall.

I'm endlessly proud of you Young Man.

Thanks for inspiring me to write about how 'fun' this age is Kellie!


  1. It is such a fun age! Such a sweet little man. xx

  2. Beautiful Em, just beautiful. It's a joy to watch their personalities unfurl. Seriously amazing stuff. Zeph sounds like a kind hearted character. And he looks like such a little man in this shot, adorable xo

  3. Could he be any cuter? What a lovely love-letter to your adorable young man.

  4. And they keep getting better. All that love such a good thing.

  5. "Act like a pole" - I love that! Zeph sounds awesome, what a great job you are doing Em!

  6. SO gorgeous, Em. He really sounds so fun. Kellie xx

  7. Beautiful! I know just what you mean about the replacing 'l' with 'w', I adore it when my little guy says 'wenember' (in this case its all a bit mixed up!) instead of 'remember', and I just don't want to correct him ever!!

  8. I can only hope that one day my girls marry a boy as delicious as yours.
    What a gorgeous gorgeous boy you have created!

  9. Really beautiful insight into that gorgeous firstborn of yours x

  10. I really love your blog! I knew Talia Van der Wel back in Texas and found your blog through her blog. Thanks for your lovely posts!
    Victoria -

  11. Bless. I so need to write one of these posts for my wee 3.5 year old.

  12. Oh, these words - they resonate deep within me. My boys are turning three on Sunday and it makes my heart hurt. But in that perfect mix of bittersweet that so defines being a parent.

    You have such a lovely space here - so glad you dropped in for a visit!



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