Thursday, May 17, 2012

How To Make A Fabulously Fruity Dangling Succulent Garden

How to make a fabulously fruity dangling succulent garden
 (ie. a terrarium)

It feels like an eternity that these little glass baubles have been ethereally floating above our dining room table, sometimes filled with candles, other times with flowers. Always hanging by fishing line and little white thumbtacks pushed into the ceiling.  

In this incarnation, they are suspended by fluro pink string and stuffed full of plants and soil. 

I thought you might like to make some too, so here's how it's done

You will need

* A collection of glass vessels. I'm using some candle holders that you can see hanging from my ceiling back here. I've actually seen some in hot dollar and other junk shops quite recently. 
* Very small stones. They can be bought from your local nursery or pet store.
* Some moss. I collected mine from our outdoor pavers that don't catch much sun.
* Potting mix
* Succulent plants 


1. Add a layer of small pebbles to the bottom of your container. Make sure you rinse them first. I've used black here but i'm dreaming of making more with fluro pebbles, you know, like the ones you put in the fish tank? Imagine the glory!

2. Add a layer of Moss on top. This prevents the soil in your terrarium from escaping through pebbles.  If you don't have any moss handy, a very fine screen will work well here. Personally, I think the moss is really pretty.

3. Add soil. I used a long handles tea spoon to make navigating the small space a little easier. 

4. Add the plants. Take a little time and consideration to make sure it looks pretty.


I couldn't resit making a few more (in fact I filled every empty glass vessel within reach)

now all you need to do is add fruity string in the colour of your choice, find a thumb tack, climb atop your table and you're done.


  1. Oooh, I love this Emily. I've already gone overboard in my head with it...What about the issue of water?

    1. Hey Vanessa, I just put a little bit of water in every few days...

      xo em

  2. These are great, I have never seen any glass bubbles like these, will have to have a browse in the $2 shops here. Yes, curious about watering them too, how often?

  3. Hey, those look great! I will have to try them.

    I liked yesterdays outfit too. I need to be braver with fashion.

  4. so cute! i will be on the look out for glass baubles now! another fantastic hanging plant option is the kokedama - a little moss covered ball with a plant inside, wrapped in string that you can hang it from. i went to a kokedama workshop a month or so ago - so much fun : )

  5. They are so cool! I'm thinking I'll be picking up some glass vessels tomorrow in town.

  6. Um, these are just a wee bit cute Em... even that cheeky little cactus thingy sticking out the side, that one made me smile. Love this idea and I think the boys would too. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll get onto this for one of our upcoming projects xo

  7. these are so fun and I imagine little ones would just love to look at them!

  8. 'dangling' and 'succulent': two words that made me chortle in a dirty way when in a sentence together. and the project is cute too!:)

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog Em and leaving such kind words about my house :) Oh my word these are just was to cute and what a fun project you did! You have a new follower! xo

  10. These are very cool. I had been wanting to make a fairyland terrarium for miss Liongirl , maybe a hanging version would work too. totally go with the fluoro stones, imagine the colour pop. melx

  11. There's a $2 shop near where I work that has some great glass vessels in really interesting shapes and of all sizes that I've been eyeing off for terrariums. My gran had a massive terrarium on her dining room table when I was little. It used to fascinate me.

  12. Fantastic! Ive been meaning to make a terrarium for forever.

  13. i love this idea! thank you for sharing! and you have a really lovely blog! x


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em