Sunday, May 6, 2012

Classic Vintage Treasures

Some of the most delightful treasures have come into my possession over the past few days. 

We found this stunning drink caddy at at garage sale on Saturday. It's the perfect accompaniment to this room, providing a place to rest my cuppa whilst couch slouching.

 Thanks for the Kale flowers lib- they make me smile every time I look upon them.

The Royal Dolton plate was a steal for four dollars at my local oppie.

Di you do any opp-ing this week? Maybe Visit a garage sale or two?


  1. That drink caddy is stunning! I didn't think you could get bargain priced Royal Doulton at op-shops anymore? All the ones around my place here on the coast charge about $25 a plate! I picked up a long brown skirt with an elastic waist that fits nicely under my growing baby bump for $5 so i was happy with that & i also found an adorable newborn size onesie covered in cupcakes, so cute for $2. I don't know the gender of my bubba yet but i couldn't resist it!

  2. I'm totally jealous of that drink caddy - it's brilliant!

  3. The drinks caddy is so nice, very elegant, I swear tea tastes better when it's sipped from a pretty teacup :)

  4. nothing beats op shop royal doulton!!

  5. Such an elegant drinks trolly, Love it! I have a set of the green spotty Royal Albert mugs, I had one in my hand as I read your post, they are my absolute fave.

  6. I can't wait to be back in Aus for garage sale bonanzas on a weekend!! Love that table - tres chic lady x

  7. Gorgeous! I picked up a few vintage wool blankets, but that was about it. x


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