Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Your Besties Are Babes

... and completely talented...

ArtBar: M Carney Ensemble

Musical trio – piano / accordion & glockenspiel / mandolin

Michael Carney is a pianist/accordionist/composer based in Sydney. In 2009 he released his premier album, Tears of the Candle. The M Carney Ensemble features Michael Carney on accordion and glockenspiel, Jo Izzard on piano and Mike McCarthy on mandolin. They regularly perform at cinemas, restaurants, fairs and festivals and produce a sound that impresses a mood of reflection and delight upon the listener.

Wednesday 25 April, 2 & 9 May 2012
5.15pm & 7.30pm
location: Cafe
Duration: 1 Hour
Okay dudes, if you are near Sydney you MUST come and see my some of my favourite friends* do what they do at the Art Gallery of NSW. 

I for one will be attending at least one of these shows if not more. What better excuse do you need to visit the Archibald, drink a glass of champagne and listen to beautiful music? 
You won't regret it.

If you want to get your hands on some of M. Carney's music, you can do so here.

.... first show is on TOMORROW, that'd be anzac day (sounds like the perfect way to spend the afternoon, no?)

* just so you know how much I really mean that - we have all been in each others bridal parities over the years. I love these guys to pieces.


  1. woah - look at Jo! A stunning portrait x

  2. Ooo how exciting! I would be super proud if they were my friends too. Love the Art Gallery and was just there a couple of weeks back. I was there to check out the Archibald with a friend, but there were SO MANY school excursions there that day, we decided to go back at another time. I'll let my friend know about these dates, I think we would both enjoy this very much. Thanks Em xo

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  4. will send this link to my music-loving, sydney-living brothers! Thanks for the tip-off

  5. Wow, I wish I lived a bit closer. They look so cool!

  6. Is it just me or did the accordian just get very very sexy all of a sudden.


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