Monday, April 9, 2012

A Month of Sundays - Session One

Who even knows what day it is anymore? Four days of no routine and i'm in heaven. We spent most of our long weekend outside, planting in the garden - garlic, peas, fennel and rocket. However we did manage to steal a few kitchen moments in honour of A Month of Sundays, did you?

...we made...

Hugh's Beetroot hummus, Dave's Pumpkin and Aubergine Patties and Jamie Oliver's Chickpea Moroccan Flatbread

We also whipped up a batch of hummus and a filthy big Paella on the open fire with friends. Anywho- Dave has painstakingly written the recipe for his blessed patties below (although he did take one look at the photo's displayed and said 'that looks really underwhelming') .

Dave's Aubergine & Roast Pumpkin Patties


1 average size aubergine/ eggplant
1 Pumpkin (I used waltham butternut from the garden)
1 free range egg
Italian dried herb blend including rosemary, thyme, oregano, lavender
1 cup of bread crumbs (approx. add or deduct to suit)
1 handful parsley, chopped
1 small handful oregano, chopped
1/2 cup finely grated parmesan
1 block smooth fetta
1 medium hot chilli, finely chopped, seeds removed (optional)  
Salt & pepper to taste
Good australian olive oil


Remove skin and seeds from pumpkin and cut into approximately 1cm cubes (can be cut larger but will increase roasting time). Place into large baking tray with plenty of butter and the dried italian herb mix.
Cook in a pre heated oven at 180 degrees C until soft, stirring a few times during cooking to ensure plenty of butter coverage.

Meanwhile, thinly slice the aubergine. Drizzle each slice with olive oil and dress with a generous amount of salt to draw out the moisture. Once sliced and dressed, leave to sit for ten minutes or so.

In a large frying pan, heat a generous lug of olive oil until it's bangin' hot. In batches, fry the salted aubergine until golden brown on both sides and soft through. once cooked leave to sit until the pumpkin is cooked.

Finely chop the parley, oregano and chilli (optional - if you use the chilli, be sure not to rub your eyes or pick your nose after cutting; definitely do not scratch your balls), grate the parmesan and set aside. Whisk the egg in a bowl until yoke and white are completely mixed.

Remove the roast pumpkin from the oven and combine with the fried aubergine in a mixing both. Mash together until well mixed and add the egg, parsley, oregano, chilli, bread crumbs and parmesan and a few goods turns of cracked pepper.
Mix well with your hands until you have a smooth fritter dough thats holds together nicely. If it is too runny, just add some more bread crumbs.

Again with your hands, crumble in the block of fetta and mix well until spread consistently throughout.

Now they are ready to shape into patties/fritters the size of your choosing. Shape them all and set aside on a plate ready to fry. If you really like bread crumbs you can sprinkle some more on now to make them extra crispy on the outside.

In a frying pan, heat some more olive oil until hot and fry the fritters on both sides until golden brown. Serve with burgers, salad, flat bread and dips… whatever you like. Just don't eat too quickly or you'll burn the skin off the top of your mouth.

If you spent some time in the kitchen this weekend, feel free to add your link below. Someone's gotta do it, just so I don't feel like a total loser!

p.s i've got cool stuff to share with you this week.

p.p.s- wanna tell me what you did this long weekend? No pressure.


  1. For the record Dave - "apparently yellow/brown food always looks underwhelming in photos" - someone on Masterchef.

    But if you asked looks delish. I especially like the food styling (I'm guessing that was Em?!) x

  2. That looks delish! Sound like you had the perfect weekend xx

  3. I don't have any foody photos but yours look delish. I share your love for hugh and jamie. My 2 yr old loves jamie's recipes and my husband makes a fantastic paella, taught by a spaniard - how can you go wrong!

    Andrea x

  4. I went to the National Folk fest and didn't cook, not even once! It was wicked.

  5. It looks yum - like REAL food should, and like REAL food that we can all have a crack at.
    I cooked with beets this weekend too. Beetroot and chocolate muffins. I had to try them! Meh, don't think I'll make them twice.
    Happy you had a happy and productive Easter x

  6. It all looks delicious. I would love link up but I have been verylazy in the kitchen these past few weeks and leaving my hubby to cooknup a storm. Next month in promise tonlinknup as you have totally inspired me to get back onto the kitchen xx

  7. I particularly love Dave's advice for safe handling of chilli! I can't join in this week because all I made in the kitchen this weekend was a pig of myself standing at the fridge chewing ears off bunny rabbits. xx

  8. OOO yum! Looks incredible, I like a man who can cook. Maybe he can point my Dan in the direction of the cooker! I've lost my cooking mojo at the moment... I am hoping once the allotment starts flourishing with green leaves and radishes I might get the urge to do something wonderful. xx

  9. Thanks so much for the motivation! and the recipes.. Here is something I cooked and managed to post :)

    Ozge, x

  10. That looks amazing. The patties don't look at all underwhelming, but they are in the shadow of the beautifully pink hummus!

    I am really looking forward to more Month of Sundays posts.

    I made hot cross buns this weekend...they are keeping us going for breakfasts this week. Hard work but totally worth it!

  11. Underwhelming?? Before I read that, I was thinking that couldn't be the food you produced, that it must be a photo from the recipe book! It looks soooo good. I think I might make it all tonight! Kellie xx PS I think I'm going to love this series.

  12. YUUUUUM!! That looks so lish!! I am going to attempt to make this and post the results. Good job x

  13. Got to love a man that cooks. I will be passing this recipe on to my man who cooks (everything, that's the deal he cooks I clean.. It works out well he's a sensational cook).
    I love your idea of a month of Sundays, and will probably take up the idea next month! Even though our poor veggie garden is much ignored since the coming of baby :(

  14. I think your food looks incredibly tasty and colourful. I love beetroot dip, and when/if my beetroot grows I must try this. Pumpkin in patties sounds like a good way to get those kids that won't eat pumpkin to actually eat it (like mine).
    Here is what I cooked over the weekend :-

  15. It looks fantastic, not in the least bit underwhelming. I've started watching river cottage - I think I need to get onto this vegetable patch growing. Also, my long weekend, involved replacing our toilet ... Finally. So pleased that our bathroom (which I also did a little TLC on) and toilet are respectable now and I'll no longer be embaressed when we have visitors.

  16. These sound amazing! Think I might try and make them too. We had a great weekend, with lots of cooking too, we made homemade pizzas, fresh pasta and yummy roast pork as well as the usual eggs and pancakes for breakfast! Don't think I need to eat for a week! xx

  17. ps. love Dave's comment about the chilli!

  18. Yum - that looks delicious to me! I heart River Cottage. I had a very dirty dream about Hugh once.

  19. We were camping so a lot of cooking down but none worthy of posting about - unless you rate s'mores and cheese jaffles?

  20. Yum, was just wondering what to rustle up for dinner. This sounds perfect, and I even have all the ingredients in the fridge. Woohoo! Tell Dave it looks fabulous to me!

  21. I would totally eat the shit out of that! And I'd even avoid scratching my balls. Promise.

    We spent all afternoon in the garden today, pulling out stuff that had gone nuts and replanting elsewhere. We also sowed new thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley and spinach seeds in two cool new styrofoam gardens I made. Plus planted beetroot, onions and eggplant in the big garden. I let it get dreadfully overrun! I had to make basil pesto, two batches of parsley pesto, and the biggest tabbouleh you've ever seen to use up the forest.

  22. Wow that looks and sounds delicious, I will have to give it ago and make it! Nice combination with the hummus and flatbread, yum!

  23. I need to make me some of those babies... and that flat bread... I wish I could reach into the computer right now and eat. :) xx


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