Monday, April 23, 2012

His First Day (again)

The Young Man rose before the sun this morning (like every morning). Overcome with excitement, he pulled a toy truck to his bedroom door, climbed it and turned the handle before jumping into our bed for the usual ritual. Only this time- our sleepy conversation revolved around 'his new preschool' and whether or not it had a 'fireman's pole' (it doesn't).

Once our bleary eyes fully witnessed his enthusiasm we started the day. Lunch boxes needed to be packed, pre school clothes needed to be selected and coffee consumed (by us, not him- naturally).

This is the second pre-school he has been to and I am full of hope that it will be a positive learning experience for him- socially, emotionally and physically. Dave and I have taken the time to remember the same things that fell upon our heart last time, we are grateful for the preschool pause and for the sensitive, intuitive, creative child we have been blessed with.

Before we set off we did our best to grab a couple of decent photo's but the sky was grey and the boy too excited to be still.

This is the best we could do.

See the blur in the bottom right hand corner? That accurately depicts the speed with which he was moving.

I said it last time and I'll say it again

 He grows up, I stay the same.
I love him forever.

Not too quickly Young Man, promise?


  1. lovely! hope this time it works out :)


  2. Good Luck Zephy! Hope he had a great day :)

    P.s Lovin' the Picasso framed!!

    Angie x

  3. This is beautiful! I had a smile plastered on my face from the first sentence. Just lovely. I hope the new preschool works out :)

  4. Love these photos Em, captures the first day at preschool morning perfectly! I hope he had a wonderful time. xx

  5. Hope Zephy's day was a wonderful one - and that he doesn't grow too quickly (or at least that you can keep up with the changes without getting overwhelmed with their speed).

  6. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Hope he had a great day and that this preschool fits him to a T!
    PS: See, you are gorgeous. And stylish, And beautiful.
    PPS: I have an idea that I'm going to email you about. I shall try and remember to do that. Three babies and my mind is a sieve and time to do stuff non-existent.

  7. You know, you won't stay the same. You won't.

  8. Ooohh.... this post got me sort of teary Em! That blur made me smile though. My gosh, I can almost feel his excitement radiating from those photos! I hope the day went well, and that this preschool will be good for him.
    Btw, you look like you're absolutely glowing!
    Ronnie xo

  9. Hope he had a wonderful day and that this is a better fit for him.

  10. Lovely post! Hope the new pre-school works out.
    ps. My son has the same bag - cute!

  11. hahaha - dave being the one who can't sit still...? haha xx such a big boy! (zeph)

  12. Wishing you luck for round two.
    The last photo gave me a good giggle. I think he and Cooper would get along well ;-)
    Rhi xx

  13. I hope he had a wonderful day and they burned off some of that energy so he sleeps well tonight!
    Very cute photos that capture a first morning perfectly.

  14. Oh he is beautiful, Em! You're all beautiful. Love these photos, I totally get the speed in which these boys like to move, I have it here too. I think your wee man and my Angus would get along like a house on fire. Hope the first day went swimmingly, I have no doubt he will shine in his new surrounds.

  15. AWE! I hope it is a wonderful experience for him. He is so cute.


  16. I really hope this one works out for you all! If you ever figure out a way to slow down their growing, please let me know!

  17. I hope he had a wonderful day. He looks so happy. It just does pass all too quickly. When you think about it it does make you pretty sad. I find it hard to watch videos of my now 9 year old son when he was two. It just makes me cry. But that is life.

  18. Louis just started his very first pre-school with same bag. I hope it all went well. x

  19. Hope your sweet little man had a wonderful day!

  20. What a grown up boy he looks! Hope he had a lovely day. xx

  21. I love those last two bitter sweet; close to mamma and just a little boy, then jetting away at the speed of light to go on adventures without his ma. Makes me eyes leak a little. Slow down our wee ones! xx


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