Monday, March 19, 2012

Teaching Love

 When my brother and I were growing up books and music were always deeply important. Each year their shapes were easily recognisable under the christmas tree, sometimes if you smoothed the wrapping paper over the hard surface, you could make out exactly what was underneath. Evenings were spent taking turns to play our favourite song or tell a story from the novel we were reading (and we weren't even the Brady Bunch, not even close). 

My mum always loved Winnie The Pooh and I have countless childhood memories of snuggling up on the lounge and listening to her read AA Milne, each character had their own voice, but Pooh's was always the best. 

Now my children enjoy the sacredness of this experience.
Nothing like nanny love (and Pa love for that matter).

Mum and Dad, your kids love you. Your grand kids love you. In those two things I believe you have accomplished life's greatest achievement. 

You have, and continue to teach us love.


  1. I can see you in your Mum and Pippi in you x

  2. That's so beautiful and the best lesson to be passed on.

  3. Man, I miss my mum and dad right now...our children are missing out on so much!

  4. So so beautiful and so very true. Even though the two important women, my Mother and dear Nan, have now both left this earth. They still continue to fill me with their love and wisdom. My little babes are lucky enough to be surrounded with so many of memories and momentos of these lovely ladies, their books, their stories, and their music. Husbuendo and I make sure both kids know how loved they are by those here and those who are not. Thanks for making me remember this today lovely lady:)
    X Amelia

  5. I know that love, you know. Each day I spend with Rowan, I feel the circle of my life. The funny little talk I shared with my girls, I share with Rowan, I see the smile turn to a laugh, I smile. My favourite stories, my books with brownish, thumbed and tattered pages will continue to be read......and so on and so on. X

  6. So gorgeous Em, I love those photos.

    I find I want my children to experience all the good things I remember as a kid. It's just so special isn't it?

    Rach x

  7. That's what it's all about!

    So grateful for the grandparents in our life too.

    Beautiful pictures & words Em.

    rachel xo

  8. Beautiful sentiment, showing how to give love through example is a precious gift.

  9. Yes, there is nothing quite as special as seeing your parents loving your own children so very much. My Nan was my 'bestest' friend.

  10. I think I recognise those ruffly denim bloomers, aren't they just the perfect little staple!

  11. Reminds me of my dad reading to us...he only ever read Winnie-the-Pooh (and wasn't Pooh so much sweeter before Disney overdid it) to us. It must have been his favourite. I still have that worn copy, passed onto my kids now.

  12. beautiful, beautiful stuff xx

    I love Pooh xx ;)

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Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em