Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rainy Day?

Got children?
Got pillows?

Got masses of fun!

We've got some rainy days heading our way, in fact it just started raining as I typed that. Here at The Beetle Shack there are a few staple activities we do to keep us entertained.  Making pillow towers and jumping of the lounge is just one of them. We also make these, play in here and dance about to good music (Lady Baby has quite the style I must say, she can really get those hips a-swingin').


  1. Awesome Em!!! Love this post.
    Does Lady Baby take after her mummy, I wonder? :)
    Always love visiting here.
    Ronnie xo

  2. Fun! My kids did the same the other day but it wasn't raining. This is fun even when it's not raining.

  3. It's magical how much fun can be had with the humble pillow...baking never goes astray on wet days either.
    I'm vowing to finish our rainy day room that I started in 2010 this year!!

  4. Oh too beautiful, love these photos. The pillow thing is exactly what we do here... we did it today! I confess, I even enjoy the pillow towers and pillow carpets myself. Oh and the dancing & music, we're big on that around these parts also. Enjoy Em xo

  5. Pillow towers! Ok, why didn't my mum suggest stuff like this when I was a kid?!!

  6. Glad he is having fun. Isn't pouring.

  7. we used to have a couch made out of foam when i was little. ALL FOAM, no hard bits, and covered in brown corduroy. we used to flip it upside down and make a cubby house in the entire lounge. it was huge and so much fun! but really, kids can make use of whatever they have, pillows, sheets, whatever, to have rainy day fun. they just have to have *imagination*. LOVE this post!

  8. Looks like a lot of fun and a great way to beat the cooped up blues

  9. Love this post em! He looks so happy!
    And how stylin' are your pillows?!?! Jx

  10. Oh yes, got kids (4) and got pillows (loads)... great combination & boredom solver every single time!


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