Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Music- The Memory Keeper

photo's by tim coulson from our last family session

Dave and I have spent the past few evenings transferring all of our music back onto the big mac after this disaster. We thought is was going to be an arduous task with hours upon hours sitting in front of the screen - insert disk, eject disk- repeat.

 How very wrong we were; instead we found ourselves reminiscing about days past*.  Memories of being awkward teens listening to punk rock came flooding back. We remembered the endless evenings we spent in our tiny apartment drinking red wine and listening to Vince Jones, the long drives up north with nothing but Silverchair, Beth Orton and The Shins to keep us company. Our first dance as a married couple - just us and Ben Harper's 'By My Side'. And possibly the most memorable of all, my pregnancy with Zephie during which Ben Kweller's 'Changing Horses' was on high rotation; when he was a new born we would dance him to sleep with that record and to this very day he still asks us to put it on.
In fact, last night while we were drinking tea and listening to music, the young man emerged from his room and asked 'can I dance with you mummy and daddy?' Naturally we indulged him and swayed around the lounge room for a little while. He went to bed happy and so did we.

Music for us is a memory keeper. Records remind us of a specific time and a place and in my memories, these places are always happy.

Tomorrow the next giveaway will be launched and you'll have the opportunity to win a bundle of cd's from one of my favourite musicians.

In the mean time -  i'd love to know what music means to you. 

*whilst going through said cd's we discovered disk upon disk of early '00 (yes, before 00 simply indicated a child's clothing size) photo's and videos- you will be punished for visiting here and be forced to see them. mark my words.

also, i found my best of roxette album. i'm thrilled, dave is less so.


  1. Roxette - now that brings back some great memories!
    And why is it ... I can't remember what is on my shopping list, or when everyone's birthdays are but I can always remember song lyrics!

    (oh and I love you ... but not enough to share Mr Efron cause how HOT is he!!)

  2. love this post emily, I can just picture you all dancing around the lounge room. my cousin is at roxette gig as I type! x

  3. Music has always been a huge part of our lives too. I love getting the old CDs out, and still remembering all the words!! (I did the rap from east 17's 'it's alright' word for word for Ben no long ago! Not one of my finest moments, but I was impressed with my memory and rapping skills! Ben was appalled!) my life changing album was red hot chili pepper's 'blood sugar sex magic'. Gone were all the daggy groups I had liked, & I discovered a whole new world of rock, grunge and even metal! My taste has evolved somewhat, ben's is stuck in the 90's! The memories that come with music are the best though, it can get some great reminiscing happening!
    Love love love it!
    Rach x

  4. Well let's just say that if I lost my ability to hear, well, it's not worth thinking about. My mother used to say, and at times still does, can't you just listen to silence?! And yes, I can. But I'd rather listen to music. I have it on almost all the time. Jazz, blues, soul, disco, rap, rock, pop, classical, you name it. I've won my French husband over to my musical taste, now it's the son's turn. We listen to ACDC in the car sometimes.

  5. Music is definitely a memory keeper! For me it is most striking as a memory keeper for holidays. Even as a kid. I still remember some of the lines to cheesy Chilean pop songs from when I was an 11 year old hanging out on the farm with my cousins. And you know what, when I went back 15 years later my cousin shared those same music-time connections. So good.

    Ooooh who's it going to be I wonder?!!

    Love your precious memory moments.

    ~ Melania

  6. Ah, beautiful post. Music is EVERYTHING to me. It gets me through the rough patches, serenades me through the good times and ALWAYS holds special memories of times, places and events.
    Newton Faulkner's Dream Catch Me is a real sentimental one for me, as I used to rock Angus to sleep singing it when he was a wee babe... thanks for that memory Em xo

  7. I love this post. Nothing pulls the heart strings quite like music. The music that takes me to my happiest place is that collection of my parents records from when I was a kid. I spent many a night dancing on top of dad's feet to Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye (anything and everything Motown actually), Van Morrisson... there's too many to list.

    I need to rekindle my love with music - in the business of this first year of parenting I seem to have fallen out of that routine of 'pressing play'. xx

  8. Beautiful post Em! I have a similar love with Jack Johnson. I played it on loop during my labour with Charlie and then would hold him and dance him to sleep as a baby to it. And if I play it now he just relaxes and smiles at me.. it is a wonderful sight to see. My boy will one day learn to play the guitar and I am sure it will a bit of Jack he will want to play. x

    1. Yes - get him to play guitar - Myles plays & it makes me so happy hearing him strum away. Sometimes he even plays something I know! x

  9. Music is one of the best memory bringers. There is The Clash and The Pretenders who remind me of being a teenager at the end of the 70's and feeling so strong witht hat muis as my background. Then there is Van Morrison who makes me think about falling in love with Mark and dancing to 'Moondance' at out wedding under the October skies - 25 years ago next year!!!! Instead of nursery songs we began outr children's musical education with the Beatles and wend on endless journeys singing 'Your gonna Lose That Girl'. Now my teenagers are telling me what to listen to and I join in with the music memories they are beginning to create. Nothing like it....

  10. love the image of you all dancing around the lounge room together xx

  11. I love the photo of 3 bums in the air. How lucky you are to have 3 lovely sons, that was my dream. I hpoe he has a very happy birthday.

  12. beautiful are the memories of our is so good at that

  13. AWE! I love this posting. The power of music. It can bring back so many sensations and memories. Andy and I have had so many situations like this, where we listen and reminisce.

    I love your husbands glasses! You guys are such an adorable couple!

  14. Oh bring on the Roxette and the 00s goodness. I can't wait!


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em