Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Forever Fruit

It's so last year, baby, but Sass and Bide's 'The Winning Day' collection will never cease to delight and inspire my senses. Such fruit. Honestly- it's fruity perfection.

Do yourself a favour and check out boogie & the historymaker and the current collection. You will be hitting 'pin it' like a mad woman.

Want some fruity shoe goodness for free? Head over here to enter.

also, you'll be seeing a 'new look' around here soon. 
watch this space, or don't.


  1. Oh please don't change the blog design. I'm deeply in love with it especially the header part :D

  2. You love the fruit, woman! I think you need to do some fruity geometric bloomers... x

  3. I like it! :) The collection doesn't take itself too seriously. It actually reminds me a bit of the '80's... Did I say that? As much as people "love to hate it" it was a fun era to dress in. lol

  4. Ooo I'm your newest follower on Pinterest. Made your day, didn't I?! xx

  5. I have to say that I love seeing this collection in a 'lookbook' than seeing the individual pieces on hangers in the store. Before having a kid I would have loved the feather skirt (and have an occasion to wear it!) but now I like the jacket the best. Loving your blog btw!

  6. You are so right, this all looks sooo good! Def. pin it material!

  7. My wife is forever hovering over the sass and bide website. I think they have a sale on right now... might be your winning day soon!

  8. a sweet little pair o bloomers came to us in the mail today...thank you b+b...can't wait to see her chubby li'l legs sticking out of them!


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