Friday, February 10, 2012

Fashion Fruit I've Been Pinning

1. Colour blocked skirt from here
2. pattern blocking inspiration from here
3. Cute girl with best outfit ever from here
4. best legs i've ever seen on a blogger here 

Happy Weekend Friends

I'll be spending my saturday finishing off a new range of bloomers for the shop and dreaming of putting this up on my living room wall. 

What are your plans?


  1. You are right, that is the cutest outfit ever! If only I could pull it off...

  2. a birthday party tomorrow morning... chilling with my kidlets and enjoying hubby home in the afternoons from work.... oh - and I need to buy a new foot for my sewing machine! Rach x

  3. where's the gorman? What about the gorman?

  4. Pattern blocking picture! Inspiration! Thank you.

  5. beautiful...I just want to iron that first long skirt...and I don't usually like to iron...but those colours are awesome...and those shoes!!!
    tonight, going to an elegant dinner at an old estate, hope to get a good glass of wine and listen to the balalaika band play...

  6. Super colourful eye candy!! Happy sewing this Saturday, love Posie

  7. Now I'm without bump, I'm loving the fashion posts again. That first skirt is pure awesomeness. I feel a spree is needed... Xx


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