Monday, February 27, 2012

The Cheer

The Beetle Shack has been added to the (very long*) list of nominees for Apartment Therapy's best family blog award- it's a vote based thing and I need to ask you to... ehum.. you know... vote.  So, the only way that this is really going to work is if you imagine me in full 'cheer leading' regalia (yep, i'll be the one with the nasty complexion and heavy set thighs).  I've got my pom poms at the ready and am yelling 'V.O.T.E, V.O.T.E, V.O.T.E  FOR ME!!' over and over and over. it's loud, it's obnoxious and it's not going to stop until you do - so it'd be best if you just head over here a and put a tick next to The Beetle Shack (or don't - no pressure).**  

phew. that was awkward.

*Our friends One Claire Day and Che and Fidel are also on the list so make sure you pop a tick next to their name too. Geez, you'll be feeling like a kindergarten class teacher in no time.

** i'll post something worth viewing later on. please excuse my tireless self promotion.

also, The Beetle Shack is being featured on the decorating forum this week. 

Is it strangely appropriate that The Beetle Shack can be shortened to The B.S? 


  1. Great news, gotta vote have got a visual of cheer leading now...lols

  2. You're a nutcase. But I love a good nut!

    And it's even more appropriate that one Claire day abbreviated to OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder! Xx

  3. Your cheer is very cute lol. Congratulations this is quite an honour. I will be popping over to vote for you Em:)
    We are also thrilled to be featuring you this week on the Decorating Forum.

  4. you got my vote ;) x
    (the wink means I expect one in return ;) ;) )

  5. Congrats! And well deserved, I love your blog. You have my vote x

  6. Alright already. Please, just put down the pom poms!! x

  7. You would always get my vote Em, so wonderfully deserved for you, Claire and Jodi. Just beautiful beautiful girls xo

  8. Congrats Em. Hooray for all of you lovely ladies! I would love to see photos of full cheerleading kit. DO IT! xx

    1. Hooray!
      All of you lovely ladies have my vote!

      Jess x

  9. I'd be happy to vote for you! (You made me laugh!) :)

  10. I believe you won something, or at least I did as I found your blog through the contest :) Happy to be a new follower! {and congratulations on your nomination!}

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