Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby Face

Most days I look at my first born and think how quickly he is growing up. He is almost 3 you know. It is with amazement that I look at his frame and see a young boy (a big boiiee- never call this kid anything other than a big boy- he won't tolerate it) emerging, no longer a baby. But then there are those moments when I catch a glimpse of that squishy little baby face.

This was one of them

I thought I should share with you how wonderful this child is after all my complaining

Dudes, your comments truly inspire me. the time you take to share snippets of your life and chunks of your wisdom means so much to me. thank you. big time.

I'm just now going through and using the new 'reply' feature so check back if you like. 

smoochy smooch smooch


  1. Supa grown up in those pics...better day? Your doin a great job Emily. Dont u lov the new reply thing, started using last night so cool xx

  2. Oh yes, what a beautiful baby face he does have. Baby face on a big boy's body of course ;o) xo

  3. Those cheeks! So squishable. Now that I know he's not even three I need to edit my comment, he's only just becoming a boy the baby isn't even out of him yet. He's going to grow in to a lovely young man (my full on boy has and he's not full on any more unless you count being full on lovely).

  4. It's the mouth, I think. Sometimes when they suck on a straw or something I get a little glimpse of the pouty feeding mouth and I get all nostalgic!

  5. Look at that face. I think you are lying about him being "spirited"...however...I do own an almost 3 year old boy so I am more inclined to believe you!

    Am so here right now. Where did my baby boy go? Oh there he is...wait....who is that child pouring his own milk?....

    I have "Raising your Spirited Child" on hold at the library, just so you know where I am coming from.

    I have found that he needs to be run outside like a puppy every day. Far and long. It has really helped. I didn't take him out yesterday due to rain and a strong desire to sit inside and read blogs and drink tea and watch the laundry pile grow. Last night we lost him at the grocery store when he decided it was time for a run...

    Be as consistent with discipline as you possibly can be. We do a time out in the bedroom, but whatever floats your boat...and then talk to him about what went down. I find when we set our boundaries and stick to them ...even when we are exhausted... he is really awesome. They really do want to know where that line is and I think it brings them comfort to know you are in control of it for now.

    Plenty of sleep.

    I did want to say, this being my third time at this rodeo, try not to get caught in thinking he needs to be fixed or something. He is a boy. They are different to girls. We have to embrace that. Most of them are "spirited" in my observation..., but then all children are spirited..even the quiet ones. Sometimes it's refreshing to have the spirit hanging out there so you know what you are dealing with. A quiet one can be just as concerning and difficult to navigate. My first two are girls and I must admit to highly enjoying their ways. They have suited my parenting. This little guy is a new puzzle for me and it is a whole lot more of a public performance piece and calamity at every turn than I ever wished to be privy too. But damn if he didn't reach up and grab my heart on the way out. His appetite for life and pleasure and joy in it and his sweetness is overwhelming. He has reminded me of things I had forgotten. Life is sooo good. I'd wager you feel the same. Those are the things I try to focus on. That and a nice glass of white in the evenings.

  6. Hey Em,
    That little man is scrumptious despite all your talk about his antics:) Just remember the good times when the going gets tough. Good luck with the bible reading inspiration hit? Hard to make a routine/time to do it..but once you do i'll feel good.:)

  7. smoochy smooch smooch alright! All over that baby boys cheeks! x

  8. Boys are oh so different to girls. Your little bundle of spiritedness is so bloody cute. xx

  9. He is just gorgeous...Is he listening to Bob Dylan by any chance? :) my husband and i brainwashed our 2 girls from a very early age!:)(it worked..they are big girls now and still love him!!) x


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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