Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Less Of This

A sight that's seen far too often around here. Between Instagram, emails and facebook my eyes are scarcely off the screen. It's a hazard. Think of all the things I'm missing in the real world. As much as I love social media I really must limit iphone time. It will no longer stay in my pocket when we are at home, instead it shall live elsewhere... and get lost under piles of washing or eaten by small children.

Less of this

 and more of this

* this post was prompted by losing said iphone and realising that i missed it every 37 seconds. We have since been reunited, so don't worry, i've seen your instagram feed.


  1. What's that tatt? I never knew! What does it say, I need to know!
    Rach x

  2. I was wondering the very same Rach! Do tell Em! x

  3. You know what I do?

    Go out for the day, & don't take my phone. Deliberately.

    It's so freaking liberating. If there's an emerg., people will call Dave.

    I hate twitter, like facebook, ADORE instagram ...

    But I have to pull back a little too, because life, it's freaking awesome :)


  4. I just wrote an article for MAEVE on this topic. I use my phone in dead time - when I'm on the loo, in a waiting room, as a passenger in the car (now and then) or for a bit before I got to sleep. But other than that I wouldn't really know where it is.

    Life's too short to be staring into a teeny screen. Thanks for the reminder. x

  5. Glued to my hand! So bloody annoying, but I HAVE to check it.

    Let's do this for our kids. x

  6. 'A Love Supreme' ?? Song is stuck in my head now. I agree...WAAY too much time on this Mac of mine, not enough time in the real world.

  7. I have just done 5 days without my phone after leaving at the holiday house. I must say the first few days were hard but then it was so nice to be out and not distracted by it, so I'm going to be doing the same as you more space between the phone and me xx

  8. I love my iPhone. I have a similar relationship with mine. I'm not sure where it comes from, maybe it's just my little way to stay connected with the world while i raise my son... We spend SO much time at home pottering... puttering!

    He doesn't like it when i talk on the phone, in fact that goes down like a lead balloon... but scrolling through instagram/twitter/facebook/emails/texts doesn't bother him. So that is where i live!

    I'm not sure what to do about that really...



  9. Resisted buying a phone that allows me to be connected all the time....spend enough on my lappie now :) And now Im curious about the tat too?

  10. iPhone smiphone - What's that hot ink you've got there??? x

  11. Im bad on the computer but I try hard to limit myself. key word try...:) that looked like a mighty fine spring day

  12. Yep, did a whole 8 days without the lappy and very limited phone contact. It was bloody bliss. One thing I will say though in your iphone's defence, is that you are a chick who does seem to get SO MUCH out of life anyway... I know there is always room for more, but don't be 'too' hard on yourself Em.
    Cool tatt, can't quite make out what is says, but hey, that might be personal. It looks lovely though xo

  13. This posts rings so true for me right now. I only started my blog last week and the amount of time I spend on my phone has gone through the roof. I'm already putting rules in place to stop me getting too addicted! Agree that it's much better to be present in the moment than half in the real world and half in cyber world.

  14. I agree! Instagram is taking up a lot of time.... think i may be addicted! But I do love having my camera on me at most, ok, all times.
    Between blogging, social media, pinterest and instagram, i definately need to set time limits!

  15. They suck, I get so much done on it and can actually keep working when out so not tied to my desk BUT I loath my addiction and wish I could chuck it in the bin

    Nice script there.. one of mine is inner wrist too.. you have reminded me I still want another x

  16. i'm a recent addict, when the kids ask if they can play on my phone - i say 'no it's MINE!'. Payback.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em