Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Places I Love To Visit

We had SO much fun this Christmas with our families and I'm looking forward to telling you all about it. But for now I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite blogs.

One Claire Day - Claire writes with such ease and shares snippets of her life at home with Lalie. I pester her often for style advice and hit her archives all. the. time. Seriously beautiful stuff.

Dear Olive - Visit Kellie and have a sneaky at the letters she writes to her little Olive (wonderful name). Full of truths and trivialities- the stuff Olive will treasure forever.

This Cup In My Hand - My sister- need I say any more. I hang off every word she says. In the midst of starting her own glass art business, moving towns, setting up a new home and starting a new job. Amy, you better blog daily- I can't even begin to imagine how much I'm going to miss you (not to mention Dave and the Kids) in just 2 short weeks.

Rummey Bears- Pretty much the coolest Mumma Bear in blog land. She uses every outdated 80's word you can think of (think 'ace', 'rad'- I bet she uses 'bogus' too) and has a spirited child much like mine.

Che and Fidel- My neighbour and Friend. We share fresh green over the fence, drinks at birthday time, parenting advice and hot tea- pretty much every day. Daniel, her partner made a shor film of the Young Man- you can see it here.

Seventy Tree- A talented artist, fabulous blogger, amazing photographer and seriously nice person. You'll be addicted the minute you hit the link.

Berry and Fin- HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIC- you big fuzzy wuzzy legend. Another one I consider family. She makes custom swimwear- your body needs them.

Tim Coulson- C'mon, you already knew this. Pretty much the most talented photographer out there and the nicest guy. We had another shoot with him on Christmas eve. You can see past shoots here and here.

Baby Mac- Beth is naughty. She swears, talks about sex, drinks Moet all the time and lives in paradise. If you have not yet encountered the scandalous woman, you must.


  1. Great list! A few new ones in there for me, so I'm offer to discover them! Hope you had a great Christmas x

  2. Good list! I don't know Berry and Fin.. off for a nose. x

  3. What a lovely list! I'll have to check these ladies out!

  4. I've never heard such an apt description of me before. Thank you!

  5. oh yeah. some of my red hot faves there. . . plus some new ones i'm off to explore (like i need any more blogs to obsess over!)

    merry christmas to you all.


  6. how lucky you are to live next door to J & D! & they are lucky to be neighbours to you too! love your blog & wonderful stories & your instagram snaps x

  7. All I can say is that this post it totally bogus, dude.

  8. I meant to leave you a comment here the day you wrote this - I saw it, but then whizzed off through cyberspace only to return ages later....Thank you for such lovely words about my blog and I. I’m extremely chuffed with this. xxx Oh, and Happy New Year - and Happy Christmas - why am I always late? Hope you’re having a lovely weekend Em x

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