Monday, December 5, 2011

Hand Made Christmas Gifts For Kids

Christmas is exciting for SO many reasons, the giving and receiving of presents is arguably right at the top of the list (at least in this house anyway) especially for the little ones.

We often exchange small gifts with some of our favourite friends during the festive season and it's always fun for the kids to be involved. This year I wanted Zeph to play a part in the making of some simple presents for his buddies (thanks for the hot idea mum). 

We have been busy making masses of play dough in a variety of colours using mum's no cook recipe.

2 cups of plain flour 
4 tablespoons of ‘cream of tartar’
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 cup of salt
2 cups of boiling water 
Food colouring
(I like to mix the food colouring and water together first)

Stir it all up, baby. Then get your kids to kneed it out.

Once it's all made we will pair it up with the appropriate play equipment- miniature 'stuff' (sourced from the $2 shop and Aldi). Green with barn yard and jungle animals, Blue with sea creatures, Orange for a space theme (why orange? good question) and black for road works. Slap them into a treasure chest before slinging them in the general direction of the children we adore.

I think this would also make a sweet Christmas gift (with the appropriate cookie cutters). And seriously, how damn cute was the Young Man back there?!


  1. I always made that play dough for the kids at pre school, when I was working. And I have one of those small tins also, stop by my blog for a give away.

  2. THANK YOU! Been looking for an easy playdough recipe for ages! NICE!!

  3. Such a cute idea! We have made clay ornaments, stamped with names and imprinted with lace. On Pinterest the idea looked amazing.. ours turned out a little- shall I say- 'rustic'. xx

  4. What a great idea ... you really are one clever chick! Think I may just have to do something like this too.

  5. Brilliant Emily! A little box of imagination right there - the best kind of gift for little people :) (and I just bought those animals at aldi on the wkend!)

  6. Try substituting the oil with baby oil - smells lovely and kind on little hands!

  7. I love this idea, especially the effort you've gone to with the accessories and tin. My "big" girls are filling kilner jars with layers of ingredients for cookies for their teachers this year. A little homemade goes a long way I think. Little hands will be enjoying the playdough for ages, there's gonna be some happy mum's out there!
    nattie x

  8. Love me some homemade play dough though the last time we made it I used commercial grade food colouring (thanks hubby) that seriously stained everything it came within an inch of...lesson learnt!


  9. gifting it is a great idea em! we do the same. i am making up red & green glitter batches for the kids at penny's playgroup for christmas because apparently i don't have enough to do already. i love your little themed boxes. xo.

  10. Brilliant! Homemade is amazing, this is such a well executed idea x

  11. Brilliant idea and the end result is sooooo lovely!

  12. We are going to to make this soon, wondering the best way to store it and how long it should keep for? x

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