Monday, December 12, 2011

The Gift Of Music

When I was growing up a CD was pretty much the best gift one could give and receive. Each year before Christmas my Dad would spend hours on end in the music store selecting the perfect album for my brother and I. 1997 baby, that's where it was at - the year i got greenday's Nimrod. I vividly recall playing that bad boy on repeat for a good 18 months. I'm pretty certain I could still recite every word of every song... maybe I could even sing them whilst throwing my head around like a crazed animal.

Anywho- I thought I would let you know about some sweet tunes that you could share with your loved ones this Chirstmas. Why not send them one of those totally impersonal e-cards with some killer music attached?

And just about anything you can get your hands on by PJ Wolf

Trust me, these guys will make your Christmas BEAUTIFUL! 


  1. Hehe, I still crack out green days Dookie album...something's just never get stale ;)

  2. oh don't remind me, i am yet to do any sort of christmas card and i refuse to do e-cards and was horrified when my hubby said that he gets text christmas cards - i mean, that is abominable! but music....yes, music will always win xx

  3. everyone had a green day stage at one point. i remember watching wake me up when september ends and really liking the video. my music taste matured and i realised that despite a good ballad-story, the chords and lyrics are actually incredibly repetitive. and almost .. will i say it .. boring!

    I said it. there you go. thanks for these new suggestions! xo

  4. ps. i still dance sometimes to american parties. seriously. just in case i sounded all 'oh im past green day'. I'm not. x

  5. Yes, past Green Day fan here too (or at least early stuff like Dookie, or at least a passive fan due to my boyfriend at the time constantly playing them and Nirvana!
    Thankyou for sharing your music, I am now IN LOVE with Sarah! Yay for new great Aust music! :)

  6. I am going to put in an order for the Live at the wireless collection from Triple J this year. Some really good songs on there.

  7. You're really beautiful! So proud to have made it onto your wonderful blog. I love mike's album too. So much! xx

  8. Love Like You may just been my new favourite song!

    Thanks for the recommendation x

  9. Lot's of Green Day memories here too. Hubby was and is still a big fan. Thanks for the recommendations - just made a few little itune purchases.


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