Saturday, December 10, 2011

Frivolous Friday

I'm obsessed with instagram in a big way. Don't be surprised if you never see a 'real' photo here again.

This is Fridays effort.

Lunch bag drawings for the Young Man's pre school lunch

Party Feet. Just need to add some fancy nail polish like this lady.  

Added some more fruity colour to Zephies Room after being inspired by this (and because I stole his chalk board for another project that i'll show you tomorrow). Doesn't the Urban Road print look fabulous? I also included the robot print from Rock That Horse (we've got a give away coming up in the new year)!

Gave the Lady Baby an early christmas present. She spent the morning with her BooBoo (Babunia) and came home walking (kinda-sorta-not-really. She just walks behind a cart)

Went Op Shopping to try and find something better than Claire did. She remains victorious. 

Went out for Ice Cream before splashing around at the beach.

Dusted off an old dress

And ate from the garden

What did you do yesterday?

Today we are getting our Christmas tree, collecting some new chickens and ducks (have I told you what happened?) and working in the garden. Irrelevant information overload, sorry. Some times I just think this blog is my mum and I need to tell it everything. 
Hi mum.


  1. ooohhh new chickens and ducks, how fun! Love the pics too - I look forward to one day having a fancy phone to take pics with! Yesterday I made some miniature gardens, helped hubby with our kitchen reno, swimming lessons with the kidlets and then the Prep Christmas concert! Love xx

  2. i love all of those photos! thanks for sharing!

  3. Holy cow, could I be any more jealous of your bare legs and sandy beach? It's very much winter here (19 degrees Fahrenheit tonight). How about I trade you some of our blustery winds for the sunny scenes I'm seeing here?

  4. Oh no - poor ducklings
    Love that beach photo of the little man
    Frivolous is good. So is instagram.

  5. Haha gosh your a funny lady Em!

    I love your killer tan line and yellow shoes! :)

    Your pics are great, how do you instagram? This is a new word for me??

    Bek xx

  6. These photos are great! I so need to get into the instagram thing especially since my camera bust.

  7. gah! i'm in love with every photo. i too am an instagram whore, but what's so wrong with that? i think your photos are fabulous and there's no way i'm going back to my old dodgy shit of a camera when my 4s camera makes my photos look sooooo good! (earlybird effect overload over on my blog!) happy weekend beautiful lady. x

  8. I love the dress and I love the room and I love the drawings and everything else. But to be honest, I'm still catching my breath from Claire's blanket. x

    PS. Did the snake get all the ducks?
    PPS. How shiny do your legs look?!

  9. Great photos, I forgot I used to draw on my sons pre school bags, we got our tree yesterday saddest tree I have ever seen.

  10. I have two pairs of Salt Waters - yellow and navy - and am seriously restraining myself lest I buy the green, pink and orange. It's insane my love of these sandals.

  11. Fabulous Friday for you! Saltwaters look gorgeous - love them. Also, sorry to say but not sure you will ever beat Claire's find, that blanket is amazing...quick sidenote - Eulalie is wearing a dress made by me in that pic (love random finds like that!) x

  12. Fab photos, could be straight from a magazine... I can see the attraction to instagram... though I haven't yet indulged myself :o) xo

  13. Love your instagram feed. I'm so jealous of those yellow sandals. Amazing.
    Oh and keep nattering, we love it.

  14. Get yourself to the nearest nail bar and pedicure those toes immediately! Kellie xx

  15. I am too scared to look at instagram .. reckon it will hook me right in.
    Love the sandals .. we are saltwater fans in our house too - they rock!!

  16. wonderful imagery - lovely movement then stilness :)

  17. you know, we talk so often 'off air' that I forget to comment on your blog posts. But I guess I got these on instagram... x

  18. Hello there!
    Good to see that the print has arrived. Looking forward to the giveaway ;-)
    And I absolutely love your yellow sandals! My goodness, seeing you with bare feet and your family running at the beach... here it's 5 degrees and rain :(
    Have a good xmas time and all the best from Amsterdam,

  19. Thanks for sharing this information. Keep it up!


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