Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What A Day

You know those days when from the moment you wake up (at 5 am in this case) you are dreaming of the time that you can rest in the warm embrace of slumber once again? Today was one of those days. After giving the lady baby a 5 am feed I rolled out of bed and got dressed for my personal training session. I was exhausted but the pilates, beach run and sweat made me feel good. I came home to a handsome husband, two dressed and fed kids and a hot cup of coffee. excellent.

We headed out to play group, patted some sweet baby animals, had our faces painted and ate fresh fruit. all good.

We went to the shops and had a smoothie. flippin excellent.

We came home, had lunch and a little play. great. wonderful. fabulous.

The Lady Baby put herself to sleep in her cot while I gave the Young Man a cup of milk and tucked him into bed. All was quiet. I was ready for the pillow, baby. all. ready.

'mum, mummy, mummmmm- come and have a look. I'm playing a little game'

You know what I found don't you!? Mmm yes, you're right. Every parents worst nightmare. The poo smear. The bloody poo smear. You know, it was the one thing I thought Zeph would never do. How very wrong I was. He smeared that sucker good.

I totally lost my cool. Totally.

Today, I have felt a little less that proud of my parenting prowess than I would have liked. 


  1. You know what...

    AT least you realised this... and you do feel the guilt (like WE ALL DOOOOOO). Unlike parents who think it is okay and keep going like nothing is wrong...

    I do the same - all seems to go well and etc and so forth then something like this happens and I snap. Don't know why when the rest of the day went well...

    It is okay. You are human. Reward yourself when you do keep your cool. You do do it - just we seem to notice when we dont...

  2. Oh dear... tomorrow though, Em, is another day with another ending... all good I'm sure. gxo

  3. Oh no! that is my worst nightmare!!
    At least the rest of your day was ok.. enjoy that wine lovely. xx

  4. You made it too lunch!... I lost my cool by 9.30... There was ferry, opera house, tie kids, 8 toys a stroller and a large bag with one set of hands being mine but still!! 9 friggin 30!.

    I commend you.. Not had the smear and god forbid I ever do... Oh perish the thought!

  5. I'm sorry but I did let a little chuckle sneak out when I read this. I am waiting for my day...my poo smear day. I know I will flip...who wouldn't. It's poo. Mind you, I have had a six year old do the smear in my classroom once. I almost vomitted. Better when it's your own childs atleast...i think. :) x

  6. Dude. Shit! (literally). I had no idea.

    i hope it's not even a phase. i hope it's just a one-off.

    don't worry about losing it. we all do it. and poo-smear at the end of a hard day – no one can blame you for losing it with that situation.

    ps. flowers and chocolate – once a year Em! Twice if I'm lucky.

  7. Let me make you feel better - when I just had Lily & Piper was freshly two she decided to put her poo - not all over a wall or the floor which would have been easier to clean - she squashed her poo into her Fisher Price Piggy bank. Yep, in through the coin slot. I'm gagging just typing it. Needless to say I threw the sucker out! PS I've been losing it all month! xx

  8. Oh Em. Kids can be so gross. But I've been there, done that with both of them. Rite of passage and all that jazz! I know this doesn't help the shitty situation, but it is kinda cute that he thought it was a game. Here's hoping no poo was consumed...? xx
    Ps I have an almost 2 year old bushman's blower. Or sometimes I'm lucky and she'll use my hair as a hanky. xx

  9. That is a shit of a day!

    I am seriously worried about this very thing at the moment because on more than one occasion recently I have opened the door to a bare bummed Lalie in her cot, swinging her nappy around her head. (luckily, only wee ones so far)!. x

  10. I'm so sorry for you Em. I have to say it has taken me a full five minutes to compose a comment due to laughing so hard I was crying and snorting after reading the piggy bank comment. We never had the poo smear but did have around the same age - get naked, smear your entire body with sudocrem nappy cream and bodysurf on your wooden floor with it, then empty 250 tissues out of a box in some sort of attempt to clean it up. It is unfortunately sometimes a sign that the day nap is ready to go. May the force be with you! melx

  11. Oh love, I know how you feel. I was up early too... and why am I still awake!? Craziness this blogging addiction I tell you :o/
    But I had a 'kind of' funny poo story today also. 16 month old Felix was decidedly quiet and focused in his high chair after dinner... I should know this is never a good sign. Busily racing around, I didn't notice anything until I picked him up out of the high chair... poo everywhere! In the chair, all over his legs, clothes, the floor. Just how does it spread so quickly and easily?? I wasn't cranky, just a little dismayed.
    Though I totally get you 'losing it' with your big boy... I'd do the same with my big boy, if he'd done that. Don't be too hard on yourself :o) xo

  12. You know, it's all about preparing for what's to come when they turn into hormonal teens. At 37 and having raised four to almost adulthood, I think I can sit here smugly and just nod my head and tsk.

  13. It's apparently the creative-types that indulge in a quiet poo smear... Not that that's any consolation whatsoever. x

  14. Ahahahaha. I have totally had this experience. And I swear the smell of poo stayed in my nostrils for days. Three baths later and lots of disinfecting!!! NICE! We still laugh about it now. The little Miss had it in her mouth in her hair and literally everywhere. What did I do....I took photos...21st photos and they are hilarious! I so hope yu did too! Oh aned for the record...We all have those "proud parenting moments"

  15. Cleaning up your kids poo is wrong at the best of times but the playing with poo - I would have lost my cool too.

    Boys and poo and farts and playing with their willys - they think its hilarious.
    I feel for you Em and hope got yourself a nice glass (or bottle) of wine x

    ph yes, and the piggy bank comment made me laugh too!!

  16. This seems to be a common trend at the moment...a few friends have mentioned it on fb. We have been lucky thus far with our older four though who knows what our spirited little one will be like?

    Hope today is less 'crappy' Em :)


  17. OH.MY. We're just embarking on toilet training here and this is what I possibly have to look forward to? Hope you're ok! Kellie xx

  18. I have SO been there. Tiny used to do this regularly. And we had to revert to onesies. But not just ordinary onesies. Onesies on backwards. Nappies on backwards. Oh whatever I could muster. I even tried gaffa taping nappies. Seriously. I have been there. I know it's poo.

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