Sunday, November 13, 2011


I was pretty pleased to find a set of six Waterford Crystal glasses at my local Oppie. I paid $25 and rushed back to my mum's place to brag, she was suitably jealous. They are the perfect addition to this vintage dinner setting that we used for this family gathering.

did you have any luck at the Oppies this week?

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  1. The op shop gods must have been smiling upon you! I got a lovely purple suede handbag, i don't think it has ever been used for $7 & this morning at our local scouts book fair i got 24 little golden books for 30 cents each. I was so excited as i'm collecting them for the baby we are currently trying to concieve.

  2. Oh, Wawrrterfed, to be shore. That is a bargain. And they are beautiful.

  3. wow, thats really a good deal, amazing,

  4. These are gorgeous - I have waterford ones very similar! I almost don't use them because they're so precious!

    Great find! I haven't been op-shopping (or any shopping) for such a long time. But next year I'm not buying anything new - and although we're pretty frugal already - it means we might just be at the opshops more often!

    Will share any lovelies as I go I'm sure!


  5. Perfect and just in time for Christmas entertaining.

  6. ive been to the factory where they make waterford crystal. my mom bought some things, and had it shipped back to the us ( arizona). It was a pretty cool experience to watch them put the designs into the each piece.

  7. I love the shape and pattern of these Waterford glasses. Excellent purchase!

  8. Gorgeous find, and at such a great price!!! Came across a lovely white wrought iron 3pc patio set that I assured we could find cheaper and sadly walked away. Have a lovely week em! Jx


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