Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Sleep Saga Revisited

Back here I mentioned some issues we were having with sleep and I'm pleased to report there has been an improvement. The Young Man has returned to sleeping through the night (most of the time), and it's excellent.

After reading all of your comments with great interest we tried a few of the techniques you suggested. And the one that was the most effective? Bribery.

We told him that if he slept through the night we would buy him his very own radio alarm clock, just like his dadas. So he did. Easy, right?

The next morning we took him to the shops to choose his prize. Now upon his bedside table proudly sits a radio alarm clock with a SUPER bight screen (you know, where the numbers show up). Double Whammy- it acts as a little night light too. When we need to address the issue again, which could be anytime given that daylight savings has begun and the days are getting longer, we will set the alarm clock and tell him he can't get up until the music plays.

So far it has worked. It's been a little while now and each night we have only been roused from out sleep by one of our children rather than both. I've actually just reached the 'sleep' section in this amazing book (oh, how I wish I had read it sooner) and it sheds a new light on why we may have had sleep issues in the first place, but thats another post, right?!

Photo by ubertim

Now to convince the Lady Baby that sleeping through is a good idea.

I can't thank you enough for your suggestions and support on this issue. Nothing like mumma advice. 


  1. What a photo... gorgeous! Bribery gets a lot of things done around here too. A friend of mine went with the music alarm for wake up time and it worked a treat... here's hoping for more sleep-filled nights at the Beetle Shack. gxo

  2. Emily, I'm totally with you! We have an 8 months old boy here who took quite a long time to start sleeping through the night (I am not allowed to cry victory yet, My man is superstitious) and I've always had sleep problems with my daughter... The alarm clock is a Good idea :)

  3. Yay for you. Nothing wrong in some plain old bribery now and then. I reckon great parenting comes from a sophisticated mix of humour, distraction and a good portion of subtle bribery!

  4. Good job young Man!!
    Maybe I need to try a clock at my house too!!

  5. Oh head over to mine - big sleep problems written about today. Wish I could bribe the baby boy...

  6. My little one is almost sleeping through which is good enough for me! In bed at 7.30pm, she wakes up at around 5.30-6.00am for a feed and then falls back asleep till around 7.30am. My trick, wrap her in this sleeping bag thing where she can barely move her arms. She looks like a little catapiller! Got it from that baby shop next to good guys at erina. She still wakes and grizzles a bit during the night, but puts herself back to sleep.
    Bek xx

    Oh thanks for your comment on my crazy hair post! xx

  7. Ah so glad to hear you are getting a little more sleep! x

  8. An radio alarm clock!?! That is BRILLIANT!

    Seriously brilliant.

    Good luck, & I hope you're getting some well earnt sleep!



Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

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