Monday, November 28, 2011

Sitting Duck

We've had ducks for a little while now, they are delightful creatures with their big bottoms and rhythmic waddle. Great pleasure has been taken in feeding them our kitchen scraps, rolled oats and stale bread and they have rewarded us with fresh eggs most days. That is until the eggs stopped coming and the ducks went walk about. 

For a few days they were M.I.A, no eggs and infrequent waddle bottom sightings. After discussing their whereabouts with our neighbour she had a quick look around her property only to find one lady duck underneath her back steps... sitting on 8 eggs. You know what that means- Ducklings for Christmas.

Thats if the python lingering around doesn't get to them first. I really hope not, ducklings would be SO magical. Any advice on how to keep the snakes away from the eggs would be appreciated. 


  1. how precious! i hope the snake behaves himself and little ducklings find a home with you. too cute.

  2. Oh how super exciting
    I had a pet duckling once (not for very long...and I refuse to think about that) - the kids will be thrilled
    No idea about snakes - I close my eyes and run the other way

  3. How cool is that!! Keep away you mean snake... Did that help? x

  4. Yay!! I also had a duckling as a kid (for about a day...) i hope that the snake stays away and that your ducklings all grow to be full size waddlers too!

  5. Not sure it's the python I'd be concerned about. It's the carnivorous Beetle family down the road. Smart ducky, no wonder she hightailed it. Protecting her young!

    Sorry to any the other commenters who might just happen to read this and probably have NO IDEA what the heck I'm on about! Personal joke...

  6. Claire, we can't mention that anymore!

    Peking for dinner when you come? maybe?

  7. Oh WOW! Duckling at Christmas is like a little miracle in your own backyard, how totally beautiful :o)
    Bloody snakes, rack off!! xo

  8. OH that snake is still there


    ducklings sound cute and HOPEFULLY not yummy Claire!!!

  9. Fantastic news on the ducky love front!! Not so cool on the possible egg abduction by the reptile...

    In other news, sorry about the 'test' comment. For some reasons unknown to me, I have isssssues when trying to comment on your blog. Weird.

  10. Oh how gorgeous ... please keep us posted on the ducklings progress!!


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em