Thursday, November 17, 2011

How To Make A Stencil

This is the easiest stencil one can make. Single layer, simple design. 

You will need 

cutting mat
simple image 
acetate or over head transparency*

Step One:

Choose/ draw a simple image that use would like to print. I am using this super simple hot air balloon image that I used to stencil Zephie's Christmas stocking last year. I have added a few pics that would be appropriate at the bottom of this post.

Step Two:

With a texter  colour in all the areas that you will need to cut out. Each shape that you cut out must be a fully closed shape. The image you are creating should be like a skeleton, all the pieces should join together. It's easy with a simple image but may require some time and planning if you are dreaming up something more complex.

Step Three:

Photocopy, print or trace your image onto acetate or over head transparency.*If you don't have acetate or access to a photocopier, paper will work fine. However, acetate means you can use your stencil over and over again as you can wash it down and it won't tear. I'm using paper here so you can see them steps.

Step Four:

Carefully cut out your image. Remember, there is no mistake in stencilling that a little bit of sticky tape can't fix.

You should be left with something a little like this.

If you would like to make some prints but would rather not have to cut the stencils yourself then you could grab a book like Stencil 101. It contains a range of simple ready cut stencils.

Oh, i'll announce the winner of the After The Apple giveaway tonight. I accidentally fell asleep at 7 last night.... oops (geez it was good).


  1. very cute! And those green cutting mats take me straight back to the art room, circa 1998 x

  2. Thanks for the little tute! I've been wanting to print an image over a floral pattern for a cushion. Jx

  3. oh this is great!!! I have always had a keen interest in stenciling and with this approach, it looks acheivable for the home crafter!!! thanks so much xx

  4. I can see it's a tutorial kind of day. Will definitely tuck yours away for some Christmas stuff I've got planned. Very nice to meet you, Emily. x

  5. Thank you for posting this tutorial! I've been looking for some suitable Christmas stencils but haven't found the exact ones I'd like. Now I can make my own!

  6. Great post, i was thinking of using potatoes for printing a Xmas project but i think your idea is much better, thanks!

  7. What a super duper tutorial! Tucking this one away for future reference :)

  8. this is tops! thanks for the teach. i love the hot air balloon design, can't wait to see it in the print.


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