Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Glass Onion Society

You know when a new cafe opens and you just know you are going to spend a stack of time drinking coffee there, slowly working your way through the range of cakes they have on offer? For me, that place is The Glass Onion Society -a brand spankin' new cafe/vintage boutique run by some of my favourite people who also happen to be totally preve worthy. Vintage threads, great coffee and hot owners, winning combination. Check them out on facebook  or find 'glassonionsociety' on instagram for a peek at the excellence.

Well worth a day trip.


  1. That... place... looks... incredible.


    Talia Christine

  2. There are fun, fun things happenin' up Long Jetty way with Pumpernickel and Beautiful Garbage among others. And what about the gorgeous gals at the Bowerbird Project in Gosford. So much goodness happening on the coast.

  3. looks lovely! wish i could visit.x

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  5. Oh Man...that is the C O O L E S T cafe hands down!!

  6. YES! I know where this is, it's 2 mins from my inlaws holiday house.

    I will definitely visit over the Xmas break. Looks fab xx

  7. I'll definitely check this place out the next time i'm up that way, a pity it's not closer to Woy Woy, we have nothing cool here!

  8. Visited this morning - amazing space, fabulous coffee!

  9. Very groovy indeed. And check out the most excellent outdoor seating setup. x

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