Friday, October 28, 2011

Top Notch

If I had more hair and the inclination to wash and blow dry, I'd do this. 

and maybe i'd add the occasional piece of plastic fruit.


  1. That looks cool! If I didn't have such a pinhead I would do that!
    Rach x

  2. I do a version of this, just not quite as, er, high. I think I'm tall enough already!!

    I'm getting my hair chopped next Friday. I'm thinking of shoulder length, maybe shorter. It's time... x

  3. Ooh i was just wondering what i should do with my hair.. maybe i'll give this a go? x

  4. That's funny! That's exactly how I am wearing my hair today! Only I didn't look half as organised or glamourous when I was putting it up....

  5. That is a cool little bun! I wish I still had long hair!! Lovely blog, fantastic photo's!

  6. I love this hairstyle!
    Mine wouldn't look as neat though as I've got so much baby hair growing back in my hairline after having Rose, I don't think even a whole can of hairspray can control the fuzziness..! haha

    Ashley xxx

  7. Haha love the idea of you rocking a fruity bun! That has totally cheered up this autumn morning! x


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