Monday, October 10, 2011

A Slow Start

Things are a little grim here at home this morning. Dave was supposed to start holidays today, but instead we saw ourselves waving him off as per usual. He has been working 60 - 70 hour weeks for FAR too long now and we really need a little respite. Time to get things back into perspective, time to be together - laugh, sleep, talk and dance the hokey pokey in the kitchen, just like old times when a 50 hour work week was the norm. I miss having Dave around, Zeph misses him even more.

But I won't waste any more time feeling sorry for myself. The Young Man is spending the day with Nanny and Pa, no doubt they will be playing tangles (Zephies term for a little but of rugby), drinking strawberry milkshakes, painting and exploring. At the end of the day I will have a delightfully happy and exhausted little dude returned to me, ready for a bath and bed. By then, with any luck, the washing will be sorted, house tidied and dinner underway (okay, maybe not the dinner part).

Holidays start tomorrow!

(also, i know i'm old repeato- but do enter this sucker. It'll be drawn on friday)


  1. Hello;
    You have some very sweet little cups there. Even on a grim morning.
    To a lovely week,

  2. Em!

    My hat goes off to you lady.

    70 hour weeks are god-awful.

    My husband worked those just after our baby was born, & I have to be honest, it nearly broke me.

    Nothing but respect. And my god, you all need a holiday xx

  3. Sounds like a holiday is definitely needed :)
    Mine also works crazy long hours so I feel your pain.


  4. aloha! hope you have a lovely day to yourself. pop to an oppy perhaps for a few minutes of ferreting bliss? i'm back only one day and i want to get my opping on. much maui love. enjoy the hols you amazing mama. xx

  5. Baby Cheezus, I hope those long hours are worth it in the end. I have found that unless you are working for yourself (which Dave might be, for all I know), it's rarely worth it in the end... x

  6. Oh no! I'm feeling for you.. Maybe some mumma's and kiddo's dates this week

  7. That is crazy hours ... I hope you are enjoying your day and that you guys are dancing the hokey pokey again soon (oh... that sounds a little rude but you know what I mean!)

  8. Hope Dave gets a good sleep tonight - I'm sure your little dude will be wanting Daddy to play with him a LOT once holidays start. 60 - 70 hr weeks are nasty. Will he ever get to go back to 50 hr weeks?
    Hope you get to enjoy each other's company, chill out and go crazy soon. :)
    S xo

  9. missed the last line on the first read. Have a lovely lovely holiday!! xx

  10. Hope your holiday start in the morning. I always say at the end of our holidays Oh that's why I married you.

  11. Oh I know this all too well. Dan books off holiday and then goes to work. Hopefully Dave will come home with a bottle of something nice this evening and you can start your muchly deserved (you and he) holiday tonight. Enjoy your boy free day... don't do too much cleaning, do something special for you. Big hugs Lou xxx

  12. I hear ya woman. Paddy does a standard 60 hour week and sometimes a Saturday. Killer.

    Shame about Byron, you really could have done with it by the sounds of things.

    We need a holiday, too. Why is it so bloody hard? Thinking of you x

  13. From a fellow wife of a 60+ hours of work per week hubby... hugs. At times, it can be brutal.
    Hope you have a fantabulous holiday and it gets underway sooner than later xo

  14. Happy holidays for tomorrow. Having a busy hubs sucks. Grim is allowed cause that feeling is generally followed by a good one. X ashley

  15. Sad your week is off to a slow start... and my goodness that is just too many hours to be away.
    Otherwise, it looks like things have been colorful around there... I adore iPhone photos as shifty quick as they are... thanks for sharing! OH-and 400 followers? Wow!! Congratulations on that! I do enjoy stopping by when I can!
    xo Paula

  16. It's that time of year I think Em! And you've put in words exactly how I feel about my work load and trying to stay on top of it all.

    Let's put on our Pollyanna smiles and perhaps holidays will come soon. Chin up, young person! xx

  17. loving your tea set. Darn work does get in the way of a good time.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em