Friday, October 21, 2011

Seventy Tree- GIVEAWAY- Winner

It's true, i know. Seventy Tree is the mother flippin'. Thanks SO much Kerry for offering a print from your amazing store, you are the best.

The winner of this weeks giveaway is commenter number 53.

"Okey, liked it, connected it, checked it. Gimme that "smile" print!"

as you wish m'lady.

I know, I know- we all wanted it but it just can't be! 

Congratulations Julia! Hit me on the email and we can talk turkey.

If you missed out, I can strongly recommend dishing out the cash over at Seventy Tree. The quality is AMAZING and they are just so fun! I smile every time I look at mine.

Oh check out how happy the cushion is in its new home.

Have a great weekend my friends. 
I plan to roast my skin in the sun. 


  1. How did I possibly miss this giveaway?! I agree with Lou, Bum!

  2. Oooh, hello there, what a nice surprise!! So glad to win Kerry's print, yippieh, yippieh, thank you so much!! Fantastic end of this week. Big smile on my face.
    Can't find your email address, but here you have mine.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. As bum has already been taken, i'll say poo! Really want that Smile print.

  4. Ditto Lou. Bums indeed xx

    ps. did a little HC update today and used some of your divine pictures. Man, those are some amazing images! xx

  5. Bummer Dude, well have invited her on the site so maybe I'll have to put it on my purchase list if she comes on board xx

  6. Big time bummer!! But at least I know what I want to put on my Christmas list this year!!!

  7. Poo bum bottom! Just had to join in :)


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