Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Routine

Photo's by Tim Coulson

I've told you a little about my toddler and his exuberant personality. At times I am completely overwhelmed and struggle to find any order in the chaos of our days. So, in an attempt to be aware of our existing rhythms and to forge new positive patterns we have been trying to work to a daily plan. Obviously we are flexible and change it up given the weather or our ever changing moods and energy levels, but for now we are working towards this;

 6.30 - Wake up, breakfast, morning craft (play dough, drawing, book reading). 
This is my coffee time.

7.30 - Out side play. 
I get a load of washing on, tidy the kitchen and make the beds... if I'm lucky.

9.00 - 10 mins of T.V and out of the house
this gives me a chance to throw on some makeup.

12.00 Lunch and Car sleep

2.00 Outside play.
I hang washing out and do a general tidy up, maybe think about dinner

4.00- Play School, Sesame Street, or some other kids program

6.00- Dinner 

6.30-Bath Bed

Dave and I will also do a 20 minute tidy up before we go to bed in the evenings. 

We hope that being more intentional about our days will make a positive difference to the Young Man. Together with our new 'house rules' and changing tac on the discipline front (which i'll tell you about later), we hope to see positive change and i think we will.

Do you have daily routines in your place? 


  1. Hi,
    I just discovered your blog via 'young people in love' - i just wanted to let you know that 1) your photos are great - what camera do you use and 2) he is suuuch a cuuuutie! adorable!

  2. I really should take advantage of my little one waking up early like you but I somehow never seem to get around to it... Me thinks it's time to change our routine.

  3. With five I have to have a routine...I couldn't function without it. Though our wee spirited fella often throws a spanner in the works which we try to work around.


  4. At the moment with one baby, I guess you can be a bit more flexible. But I imagine routine would probably be key with two or more! I notice you haven't scheduled 'blogging time' in there though...? ;)

  5. I think that it sounds like a very good routine, lady. I'm sure Zephie will thrive with the consistency! x

  6. this makes me want to have a routine! ha i'm so bad with this! but it'll change when i have children i'm sure! great blog.


  7. It sounds like you've got a great routine organised there. I love having a routine even for myself at least it makes things flow. Particularly for little ones a routine means they know what to expect which means they will usually be easier to work with. I had a routine for my girls when they were little, it kind of followed on from my daycare days, it really helped me to cope with them when they were little. I hope your routine works well. xo

  8. Seems as though there are many of us with spirited young boys, who throw curve balls or spanners in the work. Our day loosely follows something like you posted. I find routine gives children confidence and comfort in knowing what is happening in the flow of the day.

  9. I am a big believer in routines for children. Being a kindy teacher I always found it allowed them to predict what comes next, providing them with a sense of security. I think it allows them to feel safe in their world. Having said that, I think flexibility is also a valuable life skill. Like anything, it is the balance we strive for! Jade x

  10. ah, yes the humble at home routine. Enforsed somewhat, relaxed as possible but always trying to strive for a perfect balance. I too try and at least have a morning activity and an afternoon one, and then meal times, snacks and a bit of 'whatever' thrown inbetween! xx

  11. I'm all for the routine here, of course with flexibility. We all eat at the same time and the little ones sleep at the same time each day. I think they like to know whats going to happen next and more structure can give more comfort and confidence. Good luck with the new routine, i'm interested to hear about the house 'house rules'!
    xx jody

  12. I just found you blog via fat mum slim and read this post. I have a little boy as well and we have similar routine to yours however I have to really work hard to get out of the house by 9am! I'm too slow in the mornings and need my 2 cups of coffee. I find that routine is very important and my son knows whats happening next to the extent that he basically takes himself to bed at night because he knows it's bedtime.


  13. Yep, love the routine around here... though we often diverge from it, due to weather, work, lack of sleep or illness. But I think there is alot to be said for trying to have at least some structure in the day. I love if I can get dinner and bath time done early, that is my favourite piece of routine I own ;o) Well done with the changes and could your little man look any cuter in these pics! xo

  14. We love a routine (OK I love a routine)
    Our house runs so much better when we have a one. The times can vary a little but we follow the same little path every day and for me that works perfectly!

  15. I hate routines. I am forced to have one. I prefer the more laid back routine of do what you want when you want. Unfortunetly, I have 9 children oldest 13 youngest 1 year old twins, so my life revolves around structure. I guess that is good for my kids, but I would like to sleep in or just lay around with a good book.

    Everyday has it's own schedule. No 2 days are a like. Maybe that helps me. Oh, well. I am getting very well adjusted to routine.



Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em