Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Honey On Toast

Oh mercy, I'm in heaven. Dave has been on holidays for one whole day and it already feels like a week. We are relaxed, motivated and oh so happy. We woke early but lingered in bed for warm cuddles with the kids and hot coffee. We ate honey on toast before shopping for delicious food. We pottered about and cooked fresh sardines on the open fire. We drove, the kids slept.

A simple holiday from home it shall be. We will delight daily in each others company, having our morning coffee together, our evening shiraz and everything in between. Zeph has replaced his usual walk with a skip, tunefully singing 'i'm so happy, happy, happy'.

And the icing on the first-day-of-holiday cake? 

Our ducks are laying!

Tomorrow we will head out on 'a big adventure'. We are taking the young ones on their first ever train ride (that sounds remarkably like something that would be mocked on 'stuff white people like'). In the morning a picnic will be packed, jackets will be tied around waists, hats will be donned and tickets will be bought. I'll fill you in on the flip side. In the mean time- hit this up (the item in question arrived on my door step today- I can confirm it is indeed all kinds of lovely. 


  1. How lovely. Memory making moments. Enjoy x

  2. Sounds heavenly! Have an amazing time on your adventures! x

  3. Doesn't having the extra back up of another fully grown person make such a difference to one's sanity! Enjoy your blissful week. melx

  4. What the! Duck eggs! Do they taste like chicken eggs??

    I must know.

    Talia Christine

  5. Fantastic, enjoy the time.

  6. Hmmm... ducks are laying.

    laying on the chopping block?
    laying 6ft under?
    Laying on the BBQ plate?

    Which one is it, Beet?

    Yes, yes...honey on toast... and duck on the roast ;)

    Enjoy your husband x

  7. I can hear you huge sigh of relief from here...sounds like your holiday has started just the way it should...nice and easy :)
    Enjoy your time together.


  8. My ducks just started laying too! Oh joy, I will be making some little ducklings in my incubator this spring! :)

    Rach x

  9. Happy adventures! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time (even if it would be mocked on stuff white people like). Can't wait to take my little one on a journey like that. Her grandad is a train aficionado so I'm sure she'll get her fair share of everything train. Just found your blog. Will be browsing through a bit more. So far really like what I've seen and read. You are such a funny and clever lady. xox

  10. Ahh, a holiday from home, there really isn't anything quite so sweet. Sounds like you've kicked yours off to a flyer. Enjoy that train ride... which I do 'get', as our Mr3 thinks taking the bus is a treat. It's the simple things. Look forward to reading all about it xo

  11. Sounds like heaven...bed for all snuggling...coffee's together..train rides...coats tied round waist's...

    Sounds like my kind of day...I just posted today about our kids and travelling around...nothing like making these memories...

    Melissa x

    PS- seriously awesomely cool eggs!!

  12. sooo happy for you guys!!

    enjoy every.tiny.moment.


  13. my man went back to work on monday, and it made me happy! i think a week is the perfect amount of time...have a good one :)

  14. Oh yay, enjoy having Dave around! Holidays at home are the best. And there's nothin' like an egg with a bit of poo on it. Kellie xx

  15. My grandpa used to wake me up when I was at his house and ask me if I wanted to play Easter. We'd go pick up all of the chicken eggs.

    I think baby ducks are cuter than baby chickens though...

  16. sounds like the holiday came at a perfect time! I hope it is wonderful family time!

  17. Hi Emily ... what a wonderful first day of holidays! Holidays from home are the best! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Ally x

  18. It really sounds like you have the loveliest little stay at home holiday planned, I think those sort are the best. Ones where you just enjoy simple every day pleasures, make plans as you feel like it and enjoy each others' company. Enjoy the train ride, sounds like it will be a fun trip x


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, advice and solidarity.

xo em